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Puyo~ (Design Map by YukiKitsune)
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light, Hall of Fame

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Rating: 8.25 in 24 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
airob (06/13/2009 12:44am):
DuelStriker (06/13/2009 01:26pm):
This reminds me of Puddle Death 2. It's a nice looking map. 8/10
Falkensparrow (06/23/2009 09:52am):
Wait was the first one piddle or puddle?
Reylly (06/24/2009 10:53am):

Last Edited on 08/31/2009 11:13am
Red11 (02/17/2010 12:14am):
MIssing roads
Black Mont-Blanc (02/19/2010 09:10pm):
oswaldoo12 (09/17/2010 11:55pm):
El chala es }un mierda}
xushu (10/20/2010 10:58pm):
Max is awesome on this map~ and I rather enjoy it. Definitely a 9 here.
psychoticguyLOLENDGAME (01/05/2011 11:51pm):
needs more hellfire
psychoticguyLOLENDGAME (02/28/2011 11:08pm):
blanci1 (03/16/2011 02:57am):
any FTA would be quite small ?...its not like the forward base connects quickly to
a 3rd neutral base like on some maps. Also the backward base is not so far back and
has plenty to contribute... there are cities, airport, pipe-seam nearby

or Am i missing something? ./..i think this map has been edited ?

Last Edited on 01/15/2012 06:35am
Red11 (11/01/2011 11:46pm):

Cool map, well done.
Kruegster (06/15/2012 03:03pm):
The shoals are not symetrical! Oh no!

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