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American Warfare. (Design Map by Eligitine)
Categories: Historical/Geographical

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Rating: 6.67 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Eligitine (08/01/2009 03:42pm):
The clash between the West and the East portions of the United States continue, and in
2011, war breaks out between the West, led by Californians, and the East, led by the New
York-backed D.C. government. Which side will rule supreme in this war which may bring
even Mexico and Canada into it? The clash rages onward...

Rogue_Samus (06/20/2010 01:27pm):
Fairly accurate geographical map. You could make it larger and add a Midwest (Chicago) and
Texas HQs for four players. :p

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