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Antrich swamp (Design Map by airob2)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 7.86 in 7 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 2 ratings
Dragunov14 (08/03/2009 10:55pm):
looks fun =)
airob2 (08/05/2009 02:44pm):
thanks :)
well the map is menat to resemble a swamp as the name implies, the airport islands are
meant to betaken by the army that has the missile in there respedctively, of course, the
other army may take it, but they should get rid of the missile first, meaning that notonly
a tcopter+inf must be sent but also a copter, that could be used instead inthe ground
front,, as well as ground front, this map has an air front that is situated at the borders
of the island..next there is that "river bridge" near the base surround by rivers, itīs
meant that infantry can cross there to the main isle and wreak havoc =), also, there are
quite some forests on sea, thatīs becasue itīs meant to be a swamp, it would be the same
anyway if they would be reefs..and last u see in the center island that there are sea
tiles, those are not sea, those are rivers too...i acutally put some thought and took my
time devicing this map, and i was kinda bored too D: enjoy !!!
DuelStriker (08/06/2009 10:47am):
This is possibly the best swamp theme map I've seen in a while.
blankets (08/24/2009 02:02am):
I like the way it curls/10. keep up the good works.
Wootang (08/25/2009 09:37pm):
good placement of cities. I like the large number of properties in the center. definitely sets up
for some intense fights. It's also interesting that you used minimal roads and used shoals
instead. Same basic function but makes your map look nicer. Poor Koal. 10/10
Last Edited on 08/25/2009 09:37pm
blankets (08/31/2009 08:48pm):
I can't get over the river nearest the west and east occupied bases, it's so good.
DuelStriker (09/01/2009 10:02am):
airob, I meant put just one shoal in the sapce next to the cities by the rivers. I didn't mean use
an entire shoal bridge...
airob (09/01/2009 07:32pm):
i know...i did it wrong and realized it just yesterday XD
airob2 (09/01/2009 07:45pm):
ok fixed...i was thinking on adding another river bridge, probably where the south and
north city of the farther bases start..going straight and then turning tothe forest tile
there, then finally ending on the shoals north and south...dunno though
airob2 (09/04/2009 06:19pm):
made some little editing to this....i think it looks a hell lot better now
Falconewing (10/18/2009 05:59pm):
Me like
walkerboh01 (02/02/2012 03:25am):
I used to really like this map until I realized it's really just a single front map that is very open in
the center. Should still be good for casual games, 8/10.
Xmo5 (02/11/2012 02:12am):
I think this is pretty cool actually. Despite being "a single front map that is very open
in the center" it has a nice style to it. I enjoy the river bridge and I think this is a
relatively successful use of shoals as roads. I'll give it an 8 myself

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