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Europe The West (Design Map by CommanderLex)
Categories: Historical/Geographical

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Rating: 5.57 in 7 ratings
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CommanderLex (10/17/2009 04:49am):
This is Europe : The West :

Orange Star : United Kingdom , HQ : London
Blue Moon : France , HQ : Paris
Green Earth : Switzerland , HQ : Zurich
Red Fire : Italy , HQ : Rome
Yellow Comet : Germany , HQ : Berlin
Red Fire : Italy , HQ : Rome
Brown Desert : Spain , HQ : Madrid

Have fun :) , and if you like Geographical maps , look at my others maps :)
Last Edited on 10/17/2009 04:51am
Drakodan (12/02/2009 08:18am):
You should surround Switzerland with pipes. They never hurt anyone, no-one ever hurts
them, XD
Darth Hawke (01/07/2010 11:17pm):
From what I'm playing, France is going to become powerful very fast and the UK isn't that
cainxomix (05/12/2013 08:09am):
let's go!!!
the-deadly-shadow (09/15/2013 09:24am):
it is a pity the map contains no roads for units with movement type wheels. Some rivers would
be nice to.
Last Edited on 09/29/2013 09:26am
Nyvelion (04/09/2014 04:26pm):
Think you're special with your fancy exclamation points.

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