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Panopticon (Design Map by Sothis)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 9.09 in 11 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 9.00 in 1 rating
Sothis (10/25/2009 02:51pm):
Trying out a ringworld-style land map with relatively high funds. Testing it out now.
airob (10/25/2009 03:33pm):
this is awesome
funwes (10/25/2009 05:05pm):
Lol, piperunners. They actually have a really cool use for once. I'm liking this map so
far. Although, piperunners blocking bases could be a real pain in the ass.
Sothis (10/25/2009 07:28pm):
Yeah, if that proves to be a problem I can put broken pipeseams here and there to limit
their ability to lock the opponent's bases. That's probably a good plan. :D
airob2 (10/29/2009 10:39pm):
the only really problematic place of piperruner-locking might be the base connected to the

lol, think of piperruner flood invading the other army´s HQ
airob2 (11/01/2009 07:21pm):
10d becasue it looks awesomely
Usthepeople (11/05/2009 11:17pm):
airob2 (11/01/2009 07:21pm):
10d becasue it looks awesomely
Taz (11/06/2009 11:54am):
Honestly, I'm not that convinced. I think that the ringworld side of the thing is
essentially a gimmick: the battle boils down to two separate 2 vs 2, with a pretty
classical setup. I liked more the original Ringworld (even if it's not usable for serious
play because of its FTA).

felix45 (11/06/2009 12:05pm):
what if you opened up the middle with 2 more mountains? that might make for some
interesting stuff :P

either way cool map I like the look, I may play a game on this map soon.
airob (11/06/2009 12:44pm):
airports maybe?
Sothis (11/11/2009 07:19pm):
It's true, this wasn't intended to make huge use of the black squares since they're not
near front lines. The original purpose was to have two mirror battles, where the main
interest is choosing what to build on each side since you must split your funds.

I could open the center even more by removing the mountains and pipes in the two middle
rows. That way just about anything could switch sides. Maybe I'll try this out to see if
it adds some fun.

I left airports out on purpose because I wanted a higher funds land map. With an airport
most games would be stuck low-tech like usual.
Harti (11/17/2009 12:32pm):
You should definitely remove a few of those mountains because they provoke massive
Artillery abuse. Directs won't get many opportunities to drive around because of the
forested terrain. Have some infantry around to have them block 1 MP squares and there you go.

Great map all in all, though. The funding may be a little high which makes even Jess
playable with Tankspam (3-4 tanks a turn).
Sothis (11/23/2009 03:27pm):
I don't know, I don't see that as such a bad thing. If high funding leads to tank spam,
an opponent can just tech up. That's why I made it high funding in the first place, to
encourage teching up the land units. Are you saying this didn't work?

I also haven't seen too much artillery abuse in the games so far. Sure, it's great
terrain for artillery but that doesn't mean it's abuse. I think it's giving players a
chance to work through some situations they don't normally encounter. Tanks have been
churned out in huge numbers in every game, so I don't think directs are having any trouble.

But I'm open to change, so if more games convince me that those suggestions would help I
will gladly make them. Thanks for the ideas!
Last Edited on 11/25/2009 11:09pm
airob (02/20/2010 02:28am):
since there is so many pipes, there should be a chance for piperruners...probably not that
important..but it sure would be a plus.
the com towers are a bit contested...but that´sactually good for this map seeing as how my
game went...i reallylike this map andi can´t really think of anything to change...
Hellraider (07/19/2010 03:26pm):
Do you think you could try to flip owners of the SE and NW bases? Along with locating them a bit more to the
middle, as I am intrigued to see how fronts with black tiles play out.
airob (08/11/2010 08:41pm):
mhm it would be more accesible to just redo the map, isn´t it?
psychoticguyLOLENDGAME (01/30/2011 05:01am):
there's a glitch that lets CI warp units to the top left corner
Last Edited on 01/30/2011 05:01am
DraconisMarch (07/21/2011 04:32am):
I f**kin' love piperunners.

Epic win/10.

+1 for Magic name.
Last Edited on 07/21/2011 04:32am

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