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1v1 Basic (Design Map by MorbidCoffee)
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Rating: 7.67 in 6 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
MorbidCoffee (12/30/2009 09:58pm):
A very, very basic 1v1 map. Nothing too special about it. My main concern is whether or not the
silos should stay, or be replaced by factories.
blozzee (12/30/2009 10:35pm):
I don't like having com towers at the middle :C and you didn't include fta counter in this map
tst5383 (12/31/2009 08:16am):
Too many factories. Maybe reduce them to about three per side.
And towers too close to each other is usually not a good idea.
MorbidCoffee (12/31/2009 02:42pm):
Updated. Changes made include:
- Center now has four cities instead of two.
- Com Towers replacing the silos near the two neutral docks.
- Extra factories on the side islands replaced by cities.
- Silos moved to the side islands.
Ides Usher (01/03/2010 09:12am):
I like the changes you made but there is still no counter for First Turn Advantage. It
might speed things up at the beginning if you gave each side a black boat. You could put
it far enough away that they could not use it on the first few days.

Last Edited on 01/03/2010 09:15am
blozzee (01/04/2010 03:34am):
there's not much fun factor in the middle island. Perhaps you could add few more cities
scattered around the road at the middle island. In order to balance out the FTA counter,
Blue Moon needs a free infantry and also both Blue Moon and Orange Star needs a preown
landers or blackboat. You can place Blue Moon boat on its seaport, where else Orange
Star's boat need to be located somewhere outside of its main island. The idea is Orange
Star boat should reach to the main and upload unit/s in a first turn.
Last Edited on 01/05/2010 12:54am
MorbidCoffee (01/04/2010 11:29pm):
Second update. New changes include:
- FTA counter for Blue Moon. Infantry is located on BM headquarters.
- Each team has a pre-deployed lander. It won't reach the island until at least day 2 (I believe).
- More cities have been added to the center island.
- Two mountain tiles in the middle have been replaced by forests.
blozzee (01/05/2010 01:15am):
The FTA is still there, OS able to deploy their unit first at the other island which is
-place bm landers at the shoal where bm can upload and deploy infantry in a first turn.
-os landers is too far from the main island. Put it somewhere closer where it can move and
reach to the main in a first turn.

In other alternative way, you have to make sure BM deploy its unit first before OS using
landers. Use your creativity to figure out how deal with it.

Last Edited on 01/05/2010 01:20am

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