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square doughnut island (Design Map by GoblinKing)
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Rating: 7.36 in 11 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
GoblinKing (01/10/2010 06:34am):
i suggest 2k/turn
or even 3k/turn
Last Edited on 01/10/2010 06:35am
Falconewing (01/10/2010 07:38pm):
too square-ish and 1 com tower in the MIIDDLE?
funwes (01/10/2010 10:44pm):
This might not play out too badly. The com tower in the center is late game and can be
taken back with work. The neutral bases are way too contestable. Move them towards one or
another, I suggest moving the left one north and right one south.
Red11 (01/15/2010 02:48am):
It's not bad at all, I like high funds maps and here it's very compact.
GoblinKing (02/07/2010 07:14pm):
i took out 1 city, moved the two neutral bases 2 squares closer to the COs HQs, and also
removed 8 mountains, and also changed the roads just a bit.
Enjoy ! !
GoblinKing (02/07/2010 07:17pm):

oh yah i got a phantom 1 vote

so plz vote higher to balance it to 7.5 because thats what this map should be
slapyjoe (12/07/2010 05:36pm):
how do you play
Nyvelion (08/29/2012 08:44am):
Why is there always one idiot asking how to play...
Jackie Milton (09/18/2015 03:36pm):
When does the game start?

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