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Emerald City Ruins (Design Map by Dullahan)
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Rating: 7.61 in 28 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
violentmoodswings (04/02/2006 02:22pm):
Eurgh, messy. The map looks like it could play fairly well, but aesthetically it's rather
poor, join more of the road tiles together or just replace them with plains.
srstarry (04/13/2006 03:35pm):
its a ruin =) so bare with us XD
felix45 (11/10/2006 12:43pm):
mmmm, very nice. the map analysis shows BM doesnt do so well, but who knows. maybe move
one of the tanks 1 space forward?

Either way I like the map. :)
THE_Chosen_One (11/25/2006 02:13pm):
I like it, it has a creative theme and is very playable
jhuni (07/09/2007 05:34pm):
The predeployed units are perfectly balanced, however, the properties have not been
balanced giving BM an economic advantage.
Last Edited on 02/17/2011 06:15pm
lindsay40k (08/02/2007 08:58pm):
A bunch of smashed up pipe seams connecting loose roads would convey the 'ruined' theme well.
Falconewing (08/03/2009 09:41am):
sephirothslayer909 (11/18/2009 11:53pm):
how can we battle each other online and how?
Double Shotgun (02/08/2011 03:13am):
pay me 5 euros and ill tell ya

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