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Exiled On X Isle (Design Map by walkerboh01)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 6.75 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
walkerboh01 (06/10/2010 05:50am):
I think I may be a little shoal-happy with my maps, but oh well. Unintentionally this map ending up looking a lot like
Taz's A-Rank map, The X-Factor. It's a similar idea with 3 main fronts and 4 bases for extra craziness. It should
make for a decent land-air battle and there's a port thrown in for bboat shenanigans and fixed battleships. Please
let me know where I can improve it.
nickdown (06/10/2010 12:35pm):
Great map, im gunna play test now.
xushu (06/11/2010 05:40pm):
Loving the look of it offhand~ playtesting is a must ^_~
MorganLeah (06/20/2010 03:41pm):
This isn't an isle, you need to swap the land and sea.
Last Edited on 06/20/2010 03:42pm
xushu (06/24/2010 05:44pm):
After a decent play on this map, the center neutral bases are close enough to each other
to instantly supply the center with a tank, only to have it struck by a tank from the
opponent's base. The cycle is brutal! @_@

But seriously, I think it would be a stronger map if the aforementioned bases were pushed
back/shifted a bit to make the units' traveling time a bit longer. I suppose that is more
my preference than a problem, but I thought I ought mention it. ^_^
Madd Maxx (04/01/2012 10:45am):
too many factories.

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