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bad war map (Design Map by logbob)
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blozzee (08/06/2010 01:37am):
hooray choke points!
logbob (08/06/2010 07:25pm):
blozzee what is choke points??
airob (08/08/2010 01:16am):
are you serious?
a chokeypoint is exactly that,a choke are that is so slim that units canīt confortably
pass by, effectively stalemating the map(sort of drawing, which is bad) and promotin
artillery spam only, those areas are usually evitated on map designs, as for your map, the
chokeypoinrt are the rivers, which are too slim for ground units to pass by, it would be
much better to stick with arties, which, if done by both armies, will end ina draw most of
the time.

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