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The Great Siege! (Design Map by Mike55)
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Rating: 1.67 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
SandSkin (08/22/2010 07:36pm):
The Black Bombs are pointless in the center. HQ's don't refuel them. So they may end up
blowing threw their own pipe. =/
Mike55 (08/23/2010 04:07am):
Edited: Black Bombs in centre have been replaced as Missiles as i realised that the castle
have no Anti-Air Defence :) Thank you. anything else anyone could suggest would be
BurningStarFour (08/23/2010 10:19pm):
Ban on Grit, IMO. The center groups are started with so many high-end indirect units that
it would be too easy to ward off the attackers. Not to mention, it's essentially
impossible to destroy the rockets, and almost as hard to take the base in the mountains. I
would also suggest the removal of the center team's infantry resting in the mountains.
They're too close to the outer teams' starting funds, making it difficult if they capture
any of it early on. The outer team is already going to be tight for funds most of the
game, making it hard to build any units worth using to fight, even if there are a million
outer teams. I see a lot of infantry spamming coming from the outside.
Mike55 (08/24/2010 03:36am):
Some rather good points there, but the idea of the infantry in the mountains is they are on
the castle walls and enemy infantry/mechs can scale the walls. i will move neutral cities
away from the castle allowing quicker capture for the outside teams. Also, The rockets on
the towers are a bit much to start with but once over-run, cannot be replaced. they allow
breathing space for the defenders.
BurningStarFour (08/25/2010 10:36pm):
The rockets can absolutely be replaced. Break the pipe seams, bases can build rockets.
Which is another thing I don't understand having there. The bases. You make it sound like
the infantry in the mountains aren't supposed to move.. Well, they will. And then the base
there just keeps building more infantry. I should've specified that there would be a lot
of infantry spam from BOTH sides.

EDIT: The point also about the funds. Both center teams, assuming they capture all
properties within the mountains (which they will), the combined income per turn for the
defenders is 64,000, or 32,000 per person if they split it. If the outer teams capture all
the properties outside of the mountains (which they won't), on average, each person will
only have 13,000 per turn. That's enough to build a tank a turn, and maybe a bigger tank
every few turns. Whereas the center can build 2 megatanks a turn with some left over. They
could build 2 (almost 3) bombers, with a lot leftover. I'm just saying it's so unbalanced.
Within the first 10 days, I guarantee at least a couple of the outside guys will already
be defeated.
Last Edited on 08/25/2010 10:45pm
Mike55 (08/26/2010 04:46pm):
Some very fair points there. the idea of this map, for me, was to be a little fun, defenders to
try to hold off all the teams and maybe beat a few, but more for the attackers to beat the
inner teams as quick as possible, see if they can actually work together to over-run the
fortress. i shall edit a few problems you have mentioned as soon as. thank you.

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