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Relapse (Design Map by walkerboh)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 8.00 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 7.00 in 1 rating
walkerboh (10/22/2010 02:37pm):
This is a fairly complicated map, and I can't see many games on it playing out the same way.
Hopefully it supports some naval battle, although I believe transports will be more useful than
anything. The main battle will occur in the center, but there are enough properties on the wings
that they cannot be neglected. If anyone wants to play-test please shoot me a pm.
airob (10/22/2010 11:44pm):
at 25K for 4 bases two ports it should be ok, since one-two bases can only inf spam if they
want to be useful, 1 at most.
it looks quite cool, i canīt see any starting flaws in it so some games should tell if itīs alright.
walkerboh01 (01/14/2011 04:09pm):
Well I played one game that went pretty well. All of the fronts see good action and in the later
game a little naval battle develops nicely...
the-deadly-shadow (10/12/2017 07:21am):
I wonder if it is valid to remove the neutral base in the center.

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