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your mom (Design Map by Robocop)
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Rating: 8.00 in 5 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Robocop (02/23/2011 04:15pm):
plz comment
walkerboh01 (02/23/2011 04:37pm):
... goes to college! Ha ha ha, right?

Also central neutral bases are too close to each other. A built tank can immediately attack
anything on the base, and recons can block the base. Also it's a bit chokey, you might want to
consider widening the fronts by a couple spaces.
Windwavern (02/23/2011 04:45pm):
For the tank and base problem how bout replacing some of the roads with Forests. That
should fix the problem. Either that or move them back a few.
Robocop (04/29/2011 12:37am):

pen (08/12/2011 03:27am):
What a balanced, physically appealing map; and may I say what a mature name.
Nyvelion (04/16/2012 09:44am):
"your mom" is high funds, and has lots of flowing rivers?
Madd Maxx (12/27/2012 03:39pm):
playing on it now. great map. 10/10
armogo (06/27/2013 10:45am):
Nyvelion (08/11/2014 10:56am):
I wouldn't want to explore the inside of your mom.
Madd Maxx (03/19/2015 04:37pm):
10/10 good job
Adder4life (07/23/2016 05:47pm):
Not enough adder 0/10

Melt (09/15/2016 11:24pm):
I love that all of these comments are all about a year apart.
ActivistVictor (04/15/2018 10:56pm):
Bases seem too close, whoever gets there and builds a rocket first could shut down the other bases unless
they respond with a rocket of their own, and even then they would be able to position it first and getting to it
would be rough due to the chokey nature of this map and how easily shutting down all routes to a rocket would
be. I personally think at least the center should be a tad more open, maybe not with roads to make base block
ong rough, but so rockets couldn’t be shielded so easily and wouldn’t effectively break the game for the builder

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