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Westeros (Design Map by borgez)
Categories: Historical/Geographical

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Rating: 5.50 in 8 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
borgez (04/18/2005 03:55pm):
This is my map so i will not rate it, but i wanted to explain a few things. these colors
stand for nations on the map of Westeros. Orange = the Lannisters, the most powerful yet
they have are surrounded by enemies. Yellow = Stannis Baratheon, a rich nation without
much influence anymore. They need to get their units to the mainland. Green = Renly
Baratheon a southern power, Black = the pirate Grey Joys, masters of the sea, and the blue
= the Starks, the rulers of the north. They are a bit weaker than their southern neighbors
but have the most distance between one another.
All these nations have pros and cons. Green could be really strong, but they have little
defensible positions. I would be happy playing any of these five. let me know what others
think of this map.
(i took a lot of artistic liscence with this one)
(09/14/2005 03:24pm):
Looks like a broken version of Hachi's Land.
Sol (11/16/2005 09:34pm):
Good in theory, but you seemed to try to squash it a tad vertically. I might suggest
trying for a thinner horizontal, but more elongated vertical (relative) map, closer to
what Westeros is supposed to actually represent. I do like the concept, however.
doctorreynolds (06/11/2016 06:41pm):
ichbinsehselber (06/11/2016 08:55pm):
the map does not seem to be balanced. E.g. OS has 3 bases to start with.
Nyvelion (06/14/2016 03:58pm):
What sorcery is this? Game of thrones wasn't even out yet in 2005...
the-deadly-shadow (06/26/2017 08:30am):
Techincally, it is not sorcery. A song about fire and ice was published in 1996.

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