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Kaqn (Design Map by Mori)
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds, Mixed Base

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Mori (04/03/2011 10:28pm):
So I think a lot of my old maps look like crap. Been editing them, many of them have been
switched for the High Funds starting infantry setup, which I really, really like. In short, I
thought this map was way too bad to be in the "Good 2p Maps" pool so I'm editing it to not be
bad hopefully. We'll see.

I get the feeling that I've missed some glaring symmetry problem, but I can't find it. Everything
below the line is old map info.


Just messing around with random ideas. This one probably won't work very well, but
hopefully with some advice and whatnot I'll be able to make more maps in this style down the

Probably need more going on along the center dividing line, since I can see this map getting
very boring along there with little to encourage an attack. Might replace two mid cities with
ports and the mid rivers with sea tiles so that late game you can use a battleship to lock
down mid bases, idk.
Last Edited on 11/12/2011 06:16pm
sulla (04/10/2011 05:47am):
need to make one of the factorys neutral. Or the fta doesnt work
Mori (04/12/2011 11:00pm):
Yeah, I suppose you're right. I legitimately have no idea how to get a 3 base start to work
correctly because of that, any advice on that would be great. In the meantime I'll edit it down
to two base start.

Edit 1: Edited the map, now two base start so the map will probably be a boring stalemate
along the vertical but oh well. City count edited, towers moved, terrain and properties shifted
slightly. Seems like it's taking forever for it to republish but it'll all be there eventually.
Last Edited on 04/13/2011 03:15pm
walkerboh01 (06/11/2011 03:10pm):
Looks very good, should play out nicely indeed.

For a three base map, the standard counter is to give BM one predeployed infantry and one
preowned city. The city should be within 3 spaces (1-day capture) of a preowned OS base.
It's not perfect, but that's the best counter we've come up with for 3 bases so far.

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