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Flant'nean (Design Map by xepa)
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base

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Rating: 9.00 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
xepa (07/23/2011 01:46am):
Here goes my second map!
it's very similar to my first map (Laticauda), with one more base and airport per side,
and less chokepoints.
The intention is to make games get longer, and have real sea/air battles, into a small map

I can't tell why to use the radars... I just wanted to try something different...
depending on how the games go on I can change it to HQ's (prob 1 per side).

plz feel free to do any suggestion. =)
ramdalucksta7 (07/23/2011 07:20am):

But no one will use sea units with that many airports...
walkerboh01 (07/23/2011 09:29am):
You should also remove the preowned properties because they will cause imbalance issues.
xepa (07/23/2011 02:47pm):
ramdalucksta7, I understand your point,
where can I put the airport, so that sea units can be useful, and the games don't finish
before you even get to the airport?

walkerboh01 should I remove all all of them? this wouldn't make games take forever to start?

I'll do the modifications as soon as the games I started on the map are finished,
including changing this infantry to PC...=p
Robz (07/23/2011 03:04pm):
the more you play AWBW the more youll realize faster start-setups also carry a lot of
imbalances..everything has its pace for a reason.
however. i would advice to remove at least one city per side, at least so it isnt that dramatic, and
it still has a faster build up phase. also you placed a PL infantry to PC. wrong units there bro
ramdalucksta7 (07/23/2011 05:23pm):
Um in my experience having any airports on a map usually means sea units are almost useless.
Air units are cheaper and more useful and do heavy damage to battleships.

But I think the map won't see naval units anyways since it's so small and the funds are so low. I
think the map works just fine but just know that naval units probably aren't very good.
xepa (07/24/2011 09:07pm):
Ok, I'm convinced the ports will be used only to make black boats...hehe
I probably played too much DoR, where sea units are worth doing at any map.

All cities are now neutral, and the right infantry is there.

Thanks for help, time to playtest it. =)
pen (07/25/2011 07:15pm):
If there is any battleground between Grit and Max, this would be it; comtowers and an inner
body of water....I get excited quickly and bored even faster, so I would recommend some
predeployment if I don't exhibit too much bias. 10
xepa (08/11/2011 02:36am):
The games I played were nice, I'm thinking about putting the airports closer to the bases,
so that the first 5 days are not the same in every match (excluding FoW =p).

And maybe add some properties in way to have more N vs S battles...

About predeployment, I think it would unbalance the map just like the preowned cities...

EDIT: done, the airports are closer to the bases, one ore city each army at west, and one
relocated city at west
Last Edited on 10/09/2011 09:42pm

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