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The L.S.A Battle!!!! (Design Map by Lightning_Eagle)
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Rating: 8.00 in 3 ratings
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Lightning_Eagle (12/09/2011 12:08pm):
A Land, Sea and Air Battle.

Pretty self explanatory, TG and PL are the Air teams, AB and JS are the Land teams, CI and
PC are the Sea teams.

I hope ive balanced everything fairly, it was intentional to start CI, PC, TG and PL with a
starting infantry so two teams aside have an infantry, i hope thats a good idea.

Your comments and ratings are welcome! thanks and enjoy!
Red11 (12/13/2011 08:03am):

You would expect the air team to be crushed, because they are in the middle. Otherwise the
game will be decided by politics.
Lightning_Eagle (12/14/2011 02:27pm):
sorry, i forgot to mention that its built for team games, top Vs. bottom. but your right either
way, the air teams are most likely to fall first but id like to test that theory.....
Red11 (12/15/2011 02:22am):

Oh right, well that's prob. a better game, team mates will have to co-ordinate strategy
Lightning_Eagle (12/15/2011 09:23am):
yeah, it should be about how well each team utilises a specific type of unit and can they
work well with others.

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