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2 v 2 v 2 (Design Map by MiloTrain)
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Rating: 6.50 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
MiloTrain (01/10/2012 07:15am):
Cities worth $1,500 each :D
Last Edited on 01/10/2012 07:24am
DJ Modulo (01/10/2012 07:39am):
Switching YC with RF should remedy some FTA issues.

Connecting the single pieces of road would makr the map look much nicer. The left-flanked
mountains as well as the rather clumped reefs are no beauties either. Also some beaches
might be nice.

It disturbs that OS and YC canīt send their infs into battle properly centered due to the
mountains; there is something to be done.

MiloTrain (01/10/2012 08:03am):
Thx :D umm if I switch YC with RF then they will have their turn together which would be pretty
bad though right?

I'm with you with the roads and beachs :D will do after trial. As for the mountain I agree aswell
what if I make the mountains on the outside and the cities on the inside? :D
Darth Hawke (01/10/2012 08:21pm):
Switching YC with RF won't be bad. The turn order will be ABCCBA, which is more balanced
than ABCABC. And switching the mountains with the cities for OS and YC is good.
MiloTrain (01/10/2012 11:10pm):
Okay will switch after match new to website and didn't know if I switch them before does it muck
up the teams or cos I have already set?
MiloTrain (01/11/2012 12:34am):
in a game waiting to start?
Minty Phresh (01/19/2012 11:49am):
ok i may have fuc-misplaced the teams but i think we should be fine :P
zombiegeologist (02/11/2012 11:17pm):
stalemate. . .
Meta Rexy (06/21/2012 10:19pm):
I think the biggest issue with this map is that the two lower teams get a comm tower in
the middle but not OS and YC.
Not only that but they're very close together, meaning the best army will get BOTH of the
towers providing an unfair advantage to them.
I think if you want to give each team a tower push them back closer so they are not as
contested... On 1v1 maps contested comm towers are ok but here there are FTA issues...
pen (09/18/2012 12:00am):
what rexy said.
Nyvelion (12/18/2012 12:57pm):
What pen said.

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