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! 2P - Bridge Fort (Design Map by drake99dragon)
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Rating: 7.35 in 52 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
AdvanceBurns37 (12/07/2005 07:22pm):
nice map, even distribution!
Morlock (12/24/2005 08:05am):
i'm playing on this now, and the shores lining the canals leaving each port make it
impossible for anything but landers to leave! a good map otherwise, but i just wasted a
ton of money on a battleship :-(
drake99dragon (12/27/2005 11:37am):
yeah, found that out the other day. will be making changes...
chronovore (01/20/2006 09:02am):
I don't see this map in the selection pull-down anymore. What's up? Where is it? I want a
rematch with Morlock!

Except for the shoreline/port problem, this is a great map.
drake99dragon (01/22/2006 12:59pm):
fixed up the shoreline prob...i think. should be able to get everything through now.
gingerninja1 (02/15/2006 11:41am):
greta it's just the right battle size

technolink (03/30/2006 06:40pm):
WEll, every naval unit is useless but B-ships and landers, I suggest maybe thining the
bridge out at one spot and puttin seaports there to allow for a bridge, make that venter
smaller and turn two of the cities into ports for example. Good otherwise.
GIAKEN (03/31/2006 05:37pm):
Once each player fills up their pipes with Piperunners there's no way anybody can win I
Bobary (04/01/2006 05:40pm):
Hey! I made that deduction! >: (
Bobary (04/01/2006 05:41pm):
http://awbw.amarriner.com/game.php?games_id=23864 (check out the pipes)
Kota #12467 #12479 (07/01/2006 06:02pm):
I like this map. I remade it on my DS, so I'll be trying it out soon
Giantkrow (07/28/2006 05:35am):
I hate how you have a port each on one side of the map.
Battleships with cruisers are very strong now.
blackmoocow (10/30/2006 05:31pm):
i like the map concept, very original, i even based my map off of it, but in a simpler form.
isuck (07/05/2007 02:41pm):
FTA balance?
Creepy Crawly (08/05/2007 05:34pm):
i like that there is only one port on each side cuz you have to find a for to defend your
shores with land. and same goes to your opponent
aidanfading (08/09/2007 09:11am):
Played a game on this map, worked out well. I like it's design and flow. The only thing I
would change are the two islands. If they were bigger, rocket cars could more easily fire
on the middle of the bridge, making the islands more desirable and the middle of the
bridge more of a conflict zone. As is, I never bothered to capture an island, and still won.
jamjule97 (10/24/2007 05:47pm):
what the heck is the dang password
FreshBread (06/24/2008 07:51pm):
played an enjoyable game here. only thing is the airports are difficult to use as they are
positioned far away from the fight, although that may not be a bad thing.

Fundamentalz (05/23/2009 05:48pm):
mad gay

Nyvelion (08/03/2012 02:52pm):
That's not very nice.

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