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Auch passen (Design Map by 81suibylop)
Categories: Base Light, Casual Play

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Rating: 7.00 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 6.00 in 1 rating
81suibylop (02/05/2012 10:04pm):
The title is German for "Even match" (couldn't think of a name so just put it in that to make it look like
something lol)

Pretty sure everything is fine here, maybe to many forests and roads and the thing in the mid I'm not sure
about but I can always edit it later anyway.

Please leave a comment if you see anything wrong with it and I'll try to fix it right away :)
Roswell the Black Rose (02/06/2012 02:09am):
I suggest having more cities (especially in fronts)
also the front might be too narrow, which favors indirects too much.
walkerboh01 (02/06/2012 02:18am):
I think your German translation is a little off haha.
Headphone (02/06/2012 06:19am):
Rosewell hit everything on the nose.
81suibylop (02/06/2012 09:19am):
I added 3 city's for each side and 2 next to the fronts.

How do you think I can make it wider? Another bridge on the bottom side of the river?
81suibylop (02/06/2012 09:22am):
I used google translate for the German, I guess its buggy or something xD
blozzee (02/06/2012 11:47am):
the fronts are still chokey though. Seeing that there's no sea unit in this map, why don't
you add more shoals and expend the bridges in the center to widen up the front.
Last Edited on 02/06/2012 11:48am
Jus5402 (02/06/2012 07:07pm):
Looks pretty good, but I'm a newbie. I could be pretty good with fog of war, there are enough
forest for that
walkerboh01 (03/26/2012 03:27pm):
Still pretty chokey, but not horrible. I think it'd work out better as a top vs. bottom map
personally. 6/10.

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