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Apocalyptic (Design Map by Walker Boh)
Categories: S-Rank

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Rating: 8.00 in 15 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.67 in 3 ratings
Walker Boh (02/09/2012 05:26am):
Not really much going on here, just making a fairly normal map. Let me know if you see a way to
spice it up a bit.
Headphone (02/09/2012 05:46am):
4 towers per side would spice things up quite a bit.
blozzee (02/09/2012 06:07am):
^Lol XD

btw this map doesn't have towers D:
Last Edited on 02/09/2012 06:07am
xushu (02/09/2012 01:18pm):
xushu is a fan of "attack-able" airports, but other than that, I like the look of it. ^_^
DuelStriker (02/09/2012 02:53pm):
I'm really liking the look of this map.
airob (02/09/2012 03:15pm):
Pre-deploy indirect bombers.

Roswell the Black Rose (02/10/2012 08:57am):
pre-owned laser turrents.
blozzee (02/11/2012 10:53am):
I it needs couple of black bombs will do the trick
walkerboh01 (03/26/2012 03:25pm):
It's probably a decent map, but I haven't played on it so I don't know exactly how it will work out.
I'll just say 8/10.
Walker Boh (07/07/2013 06:17pm):
Minor edits made, I like this much, much better.
Mori2 (10/07/2013 04:08am):
Global League worthy, definitely. Should be a nice addition.

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