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Moment of Clarity (Design Map by Walker Boh)
Categories: Global League, High Funds, New

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Rating: 7.89 in 9 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.67 in 3 ratings
Roswell the Black Rose (02/10/2012 04:35am):
so magical
Walker Boh (02/10/2012 05:15am):
Haha I changed the name now though! The name is never official until I publish it.
Last Edited on 02/10/2012 05:15am
Roswell the Black Rose (02/10/2012 06:31am):
are you using some kind of map edit tool?
Walker Boh (02/10/2012 02:02pm):
I used headphone's map maker to make the map, if that's what you mean.
xushu (02/10/2012 05:19pm):
Hmm.. the mountains make the center a little tight for any real play, but I can see that most of the
action will be aimed toward the HQs anyway. Respectable, certainly; if you want a play-test,
drop me a line. ^_^
Headphone (02/10/2012 06:08pm):

You gotta link it if you're going to plug it.
xushu (02/10/2012 06:09pm):
Shameless plug indeed... ^_~
walkerboh01 (02/10/2012 06:11pm):
Yeah xushu, my idea is that the main fronts will develop somewhere around the port and
nearby cities. The route through the central mountains was only added as a means of
supporting the weak front, not as a separate front in and of itself. I hope stalemates
don't really occur thanks to the 2 vs. 1 base situation.
xushu (02/10/2012 06:28pm):
In my experience, 2 vs 1 situations cannot really stale... something always breaks, if nothing
else, sheer numbers from the strong side overwhelm the weak in the end nine times out of ten.
airob (02/10/2012 10:12pm):
Nothing seems really contested, even the cities are well distributed in each territory, i wonder if
you could place the com tower a bit farther so it "spices" things up a bit?
xushu (02/21/2012 03:16pm):
There is a little contention with cities, specifically the one located by the mountain on the
airports' horizontal. It's a pretty decent play, I think... I heard that there are some changes
coming, so I'll wait to say anything more. ^_^
blozzee (03/22/2012 03:20pm):
This map played very good in fog setup compared to normal game I've seen so far.
Definitely worth a watch for fog game replay on this map. ('-')b
walkerboh01 (03/28/2012 02:57am):
I definitely want to change the position of the contested city slightly. This map is an attempt at a
newer challenge for me -- maps that don't look that striking but turn out to play excellently. I don't
know how well it works, but I think it's probably at least a solid 8/10.
Walker Boh (12/22/2017 02:45am):
Reworked for high funds.
ichbinsehselber (12/24/2017 07:05pm):
The mountains seem to make the map very Sami- and Mech-friendly. Supply lines for the
front are short. For high funds Mechs are less strong. Will be interesting how this map
will play out in the tourney.
Hanzhe^4 (12/26/2017 02:08am):
To Grit, or not to Grit.

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