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Vincent Volaju (Design Map by Mori2)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 7.00 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 7.00 in 2 ratings
Mori2 (02/16/2012 11:38pm):
Leaving for Katsucon after work, hence being on vacation till Monday, but I'll try to finish
this one before then. Still editing a bunch. Trying to make a decent 2 base map.

Labbing certain units like recons could be cool on this map, idk. Wouldn't do much other
than slow down capture phase for a player going for the lab units, but every turn counts.

Third base added, per Walker's suggestion.

Last Edited on 02/17/2012 01:58am
walkerboh01 (02/17/2012 06:00pm):
I think you should make the middle one the neutral one, for FTA concerns. If the outer one is
neutral, that makes the more central preowned base more valuable than the other one, which
will lead to imbalance. Changing it has little to no effect on gameplay (it will alter the capture
phase, but not negatively I think), while mitigating the imbalance enormously.
Mori2 (02/20/2012 05:13pm):
Moved stuff. Really enjoying where my maps are going, hopefully I'll have time for more

Edit: Moved FTA counter.
Last Edited on 02/21/2012 10:13pm
walkerboh01 (03/28/2012 03:46am):
I think AAs in the corners are a bit much; no one is going to go after the airports as it is now.
A recon alone is probably fine. HQs are also too exposed, even with the bboats on them. If
you open up some way for the neutral base to reinforce the HQ, that would be ideal.

That cluster of 3 cities on the outer side of the HQs is also weird. I would take one of those
cities and move it into the center area somewhere (maybe instead of the bridge 2N 1E of the
YC HQ?).

The dynamic with the carriers is really cool, and I think the map should play well if the HQs
are less contested. 7/10 for now, but it could be higher with appropriate edits. PM me if you
change this map at all. =)
Mori2 (04/26/2012 11:42am):
Redesigned the carrier mechanic. Spacing for carrier shots should be 7 spaces, so Max is still
playable, and there's two 7 shot tiles for each airport, so the lander can't interfere with it. Still
working on center terrain, along with, well, redesigning most of the terrain on the map.

Done editing for now. I don't like those side fronts, but they're playable.
Last Edited on 04/26/2012 11:49am

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