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Body Bags and Dead Soldiers (Design Map by Madd Maxx)
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Rating: 7.60 in 5 ratings
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Madd Maxx (04/01/2012 05:37am):
I'll probably make some more touch ups. Just want people's first impression. Please comment
if you see something I forgot or should change.

4vs4. yellow, orange, purple, grey vs green, blue, pink, and brown.

The left map is supposed to be mainly naval and land battle. I purposely made it difficult to get
air support there.

Yellow and Green are supposed to move land units to the center map by boat. They are also
responsible for air support mainly in the center and right maps.

The right map is supposed to motivate air, land, and sea units.

The obvious broken CO bans. I would also ban Drake, maybe Eagle, Sami, Kindle.

DuelStriker (04/01/2012 03:33pm):
This looks cool. The only thing I want to point out is some of the shoals just look a
little off, but that's because of the direction they're facing. Like the two downward
facing shoals between GE and BD at the top, and also the right facing shoals along the
edge of the map on the left. That's only a minor issue though.
Madd Maxx (04/01/2012 04:03pm):
thanks Duel
walkerboh01 (04/01/2012 04:33pm):
This is kind of cool, although FTA will probably be bad with all the preowned properties
Madd Maxx (04/01/2012 05:02pm):
Yeah, I think Walker had a point. I made it so green and yellow start with 8000 per turn
instead of 12000. This way they can't build a bcopter on the first turn. That gives purple and
pink more time o capture the factory. Gave green and yellow more neutral properties on their
base islands.

Also, changed the shoal re: Duel comments
Madd Maxx (06/21/2013 02:46pm):
Took away some cities. Added towers and labs.
kilorodado (06/21/2017 02:59pm):
With how the teams are laid out the bottom team always has a little FTA, left side goes with bot first,
airport king goes with bot first mid goes with bot first and right goes with bot first. It would probably
be better to at least have the top side airport king go before bot's or mix it up.
Last Edited on 07/17/2017 11:12am

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