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"Y" Prime (Design Map by MorganLeah)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 6.60 in 5 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
Mori2 (04/12/2012 12:57pm):
Solid airport positions. Straightforward but interesting routes for all 3 bases. 2v1
base setup should help prevent stalemates. Decent terrain variety. Good attack tiles on
middle contested cities. Towers aren't really contested due to 2 bases and an airport vs
1 closer base. Two city clump past tower allows the 1 base to defend where it should
be able to defend. Shoals are well placed flanking routes. Good job overall.
Last Edited on 04/12/2012 12:59pm
walkerboh01 (04/12/2012 05:26pm):
This doesn't even look like a Y. Please replace all land tiles with sea.
Mori2 (04/12/2012 06:35pm):
I remember when I was making Shuckle AWBW kept replacing half my tiles with sea. You can
have some of mine if you want.
walkerboh01 (04/24/2012 04:56pm):
In all seriousness, this seems to be a particularly well-designed map. I especially like the

It's a little hard to tell exactly where the fronts will land, but the only potential problem I see is if
it's hard to protect the HQs in the mid-game. This could be easily fixed by deforesting a bit
near the neutral base, giving a shorter supply time for the nearer preowned base to protect
the HQ.

Mori2 (04/30/2012 03:05am):
Will test and rate.
MorganLeah (05/02/2012 07:55pm):
I can already see from your game in progress that I need to move the double-city clusters
back to the other side of the road, and maybe some other tweaks to improve HQ
defensibility. Guess I'll have to wait until next month since it's in the Z games haha
Last Edited on 05/02/2012 07:56pm
Mori2 (05/03/2012 02:17am):
Yeah, I honestly thought they'd be fine there, but I didn't look at the map closely enough. That's
why I usually rely on playtesting more than anything else, since I can easily miss major stuff like
that. Going to keep playing for now to see if anything else interesting pops up.
DynamiteHeddy (05/05/2012 01:34am):
Unless I'm mistaken it is essentially impossible to prevent Sami from taking the enemy's
HQ in 7-8 turns as is.
It also appears that unless you get a tank as early as possible(?) if your opponent is
APC-rushing the HQ, you are boned as well. While it's pretty obvious in retrospect that
someone is getting an APC on Turn 2 to rush the HQ, it's probably going to catch most
casual players off guard at least once. Do suggest changing it, even if exploiting the map
is not how most people would like to play.
Last Edited on 05/05/2012 07:27am
walkerboh01 (05/22/2012 05:53am):
Yeah Mori, after you do enough play-testing you can definitely start seeing patterns of problems
in the map...
MorganLeah (06/06/2012 04:55pm):
Alright, I've made some alterations:
-The two bases have been kinda-separated
-It's easier for the one base to reach its HQ
-Properties around the HQ's have been redistributed
-Towers have been moved back
blozzee (01/06/2013 01:41pm):
Playing on this map. To be honest, that central properties is causing a significant fta.
MorganLeah (03/28/2013 06:58pm):
Given that the position of the FTA counter would, if anything, give central advantage to
the second player, I'm not sure how this is possible. Perhaps you simply outplayed your
waylonman (07/31/2015 03:54pm):
I really enjoyed this map, Maybe I should try other side to test iof there is FTA.

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