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Your Possible Pasts (Design Map by mori4)
Categories: A-Rank

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Headphone (05/07/2012 01:28am):
Based off http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-ve_sgdgZs.
mori4 (05/07/2012 02:04am):
More satisfied with it now than I was a few minutes ago. I guess that will do for now.
Experimenting with a couple minor things here, but it's otherwise pretty straightforward.
wesai (05/07/2012 02:34am):
This map looks interesting :)
mori4 (05/07/2012 03:01am):
I think I've finally gotten a hold of the general language of competitive mapping. What's nice
here is that it's taken me four accounts to get here, and I just keep learning more and more as
time goes on. It's a very good feeling.

I think the last map on this account will be a Shake Before Using remake that will fix the close
neutral base issue that I've since learned to avoid. I'm also working on improving nearly
every previous map on this account, which is mostly an issue of using less forests and more
open routes to the fronts.
Last Edited on 05/07/2012 03:02am
walkerboh01 (05/07/2012 04:10am):
Might I suggest swapping the neutral base and central preowned base?

And yeah, I would say you had it mostly down by the end of your 3rd account, and your 4th
is full of maps that are mostly just a few tweaks away from being competition worthy.

The hardest part to crack is achieving unique, interesting gameplay. Even the best
mapmakers right now can't guarantee great gameplay on every map, because it's incredibly
hard to judge how full games will play out at the highest level without heavy testing. You're as
close as anyone though. =)
mori4 (05/07/2012 04:38am):
Switched. Not sure about the FTA counter now though, considering the new base placement.
Last Edited on 05/07/2012 04:39am
head phone (05/07/2012 07:51am):
It shouldn't make a difference which base the inf is on as long as the distance is the same to the
neutral base.
Unless there is some move where going after the neutral base first isn't the best move, which
doesn't seem to be the case.
walkerboh01 (05/08/2012 05:40pm):
What headphone said. Also though, it never matters which base the inf goes on. It's a general
rule that P2 should get the neutral base first, but it really doesn't matter much. If the side with the
inf counter is stronger, P2 has advantage, if the other side does, P1 has advantage. Switching
the counter only changes who gets the advantage, it doesn't balance the map more or less in
any way.

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