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Mission 17: the final battle! (AW1) (Design Map by supuh)
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Rating: 7.61 in 18 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
RDS (12/05/2005 03:25pm):
Oh yeah, now I realize how easy that mission was :D
Shadow Star (12/05/2005 03:36pm):
it's quite a bit harder with a strike CPU in DS if you remake the map. loads more fun then too
PAChen (12/08/2005 03:28pm):
That makes Grit and Eagle out of the question. Good job nonetheless.
supuh (12/08/2005 03:31pm):
this is actually a EXACT REMAKE of the final level of AW1, i went through and checked
every tile and they are accounted for, it should be played with all AW2 and AWDS COs off
to recreate the experiance, minus the newer units too.... should be the black hole verses the
world... lets see if the world wins.
Last Edited on 12/08/2005 03:39pm
alink (12/08/2005 11:36pm):
Stick away from the AC. I am recreating that entire campaign, every mission. Please don't
ruin my work. Now lets rate yours...

Exact remakes don't always work out. Test it out, and if the mission fails, you should edit it. I
like it, however, so I will give you a 9/10, because it is only a recreation. No recreation
deserves a 10, not even my own.

supuh (12/09/2005 09:07am):
oh, ok, i wasnt planning to make any other remakes
Last Edited on 12/09/2005 09:08am
Shadow Star (12/23/2005 12:23pm):
umm just noticed something. which COs are BM and GE supposded to be?
because with different allied COs to Andy (OS ) changes what units they start with.
it looks like you have Olaf (BM) and Sonja (GE)
death flower (01/23/2006 09:42am):
nice reconstruction, i tried to make a black hole - finale battle to, but its pretty hard, good job
Ultra Storm (03/13/2006 12:10pm):
You can't have Sonja as GE. BTW, that's Max and Drake if I remember correctly.
dagamer1989 (03/28/2006 03:52pm):
I remember Grit (BM) and Sami (GE). And Andy as OS.

great remake map. I'll have to check it out...
Shaky_Alliance01 (05/22/2006 07:14pm):
WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAAAAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The final level, if you did all the bonus shit
with sami, is with Andy vs Eagle. They want to see who's better with an airforce, and just
to have fun. You play as Andy btw. I beat Eagle quite easily. I'll try to make that map for you
Pyrranha (06/15/2006 12:45pm):
This here is Max and Drake, so Ultra Storm is correct. Unfortunately, AWBW Drake =/= AW1
Advisor Nick (10/26/2006 04:01pm):
and considering SCOP now...
a bad word (08/11/2007 06:30pm):
nice remake. never palyed the original
Co_Kristian (08/16/2007 10:07am):
its impossible to remake this on aw2
theseer666 (10/17/2007 04:10pm):
too easy for black hole to win, all it has to do is annihalate orange star before any one can
build many units
khdou (03/02/2008 10:06pm):
Who do we use for black hole? the Sturm now is definately not like the sturm back then. The
one who resembles him the most is Grimm. unfortunately, playing as Grimm eliminates the
movement bonus, but even more, it eliminates that "ominous" feel of sturm's power going off
and annihilating the strongest section in your army. There's also VonBolt who has a similar
power, but not nearly as destructive, yet it freezes the units
Alathon (04/09/2008 08:46pm):
With an actual player instead of the horrible AI of AW 1 BH might stand a chance! Von Bolt
would probubly be the best choice is we're going for reenactment.
Slazzy (09/18/2010 06:10am):
how did you make the map in ds
Slazzy (09/19/2010 06:49am):
why cant you just copy it exactly?

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