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my first job (Design Map by joeli50)
Categories: Casual Play

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Rating: 7.20 in 5 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Rush_FTK (10/01/2012 06:55am):
blanci1 (07/10/2014 06:34pm):
yes very nice and different with lots of choices .
Big maps often are greater.

Last Edited on 07/10/2014 06:35pm
blanci1 (07/10/2014 06:36pm):
Translation Automatic of Rush FTK

Obviously 6000 is difficult to guarantee funds start FTA balance, ie the upper hand will
have a great advantage, such as the first round of Rc harassment.
Thus a soldier does not meet FLAC line will become the upper hand.
Does not recommend the neutral zone factories placed in controversy, because it is
basically a party after the occupation of the factory has made this front victory.
Maps and more crowded, but the intersection is a very good idea to arrange a lot away from
the front of the city is also a good idea.
You can try some of the confluence of the shallows to increase permeability to the extent
of the map.
blanci1 (07/10/2014 07:20pm):
maybe a bit of fta due to funds from preowned city but Blue Moon at least gets the extra
base first and has a small unit number advantage to compensate. I think its reasonably
fair map.
I m not totally sure about the highly contested comma and airbases.
Still worth a try definitely!

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