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Caves of Narshe (Design Map by Bamboozle)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 7.50 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 7.00 in 1 rating
xushu (08/16/2013 12:33pm):
Wait... Narshe... wasn't that the name of that town in Final Fantasy III/6 with all the
steam and snow? Regardless, my mind just major time flash-backed... great game that. I
lost so many hours of my life on it. ^_^
Bamboozle (08/16/2013 12:51pm):
Narshe in particular was really cool (no pun intended). Zozo will always be remembered in my heart
as that fucked up city full of thieves and random Veil Dancers trying to kill you. The plot, atmosphere
and character development were top-notch. So many subtle hints (SHADOW IS RELM'S FATHER
OMG)... I don't think a game as awesome could be made today.
Mori2 (09/06/2013 04:03am):
Final Fantasy 6 was fantastic.
Nyvelion (03/11/2014 07:32am):
Shadow is Relm's father?
walkerboh01 (02/07/2015 03:12am):
Consider starting with just 2 preowned bases. This helps FTA issues and lessens infantry
proliferation early on, which should help prevent stalemates later on. You could really use a city
in the empty space north of the tower (on the east island) - it seems to me like that area should
be the focus of the fighting.

You may also want to reduce the heavy terrain (river, mountains), because the islands are
narrow enough that it's essentially a one-front battle on each side. A preowned lander would be
awesome to get some vehicles shifting from island to island - I don't think you'll actually see it
right now until games are practically stalemated.

7/10, but I like where this one could go.

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