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(2v2)Red and Blue (Design Map by Rukalio)
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Rating: 8.67 in 6 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
blozzee (09/13/2013 01:09pm):
Very nice.
Nyvelion (04/24/2014 01:19pm):
Lol random black hole black boats.
Nyvelion (08/11/2016 08:35am):
I do like the danger of having to defend your HQ from such a close enemy. It really makes
Sami scary here.
Cloudmonkey98 (11/14/2017 12:19am):
Reminder for others: With no BH HQ, those Black Boats will vanish, ghosting the ports so that
nothing can spawn on the tile, not from Transports and not from the ports themselves

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