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1 vs 100 (Design Map by Pika Rizard)
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Pika Rizard (09/20/2013 12:13am):
CO banned: Andy, Hawke, Drake, Olaf.
Ignorance (09/20/2013 11:28am):
The allies with win simply because of the Mega tank can't repair.

It only takes 20 odd mechs to cripple a Mega tank.

Perhaps if you put a Black boat on a pipe behind the Mega tank and create a game with a
set amount of funds and 0 income per turn, or the lowest possible income per turn to limit
the Mega tank's regenerative abilities, what with the blackboat and all.

Oh, also ban Sami, Senei and maybe Strum. Not to mention Kenbei.
Veritech (09/20/2013 03:34pm):
Don't forget Jess, Von Bolt, and maybe Sonja. And the BM troops are idiots - they're facing the
wrong way.
Nyvelion (09/21/2013 09:13pm):
BM is rightfully afraid of the Megatank!
AW43DSPLZ (09/23/2013 07:10pm):

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