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Mechs vs Megatanks (Design Map by Pika Rizard)
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Pika Rizard (09/30/2013 02:55am):
Another version of "1 vs 100".
Pika Rizard (10/09/2013 04:24am):
the Black Boats can repair 2 Megatanks in one day, so the team can destroy 1 Megatank and
capture the airport.
Meta Rexy (12/09/2014 11:05pm):
It looks impossible for YC to lose lol. If he's Kanbei you can forget about even making a scratch.
the-deadly-shadow (02/10/2015 01:39pm):
Don't be fooled: there is luck. Nell could win here against YC (If andy and kambei are banned). Also Rachel and
Kindle would do well at this map because of their powers.

However: YC can delete units and build air units and put a mega tank on the base.
Last Edited on 02/10/2015 01:45pm
Pika Rizard (04/15/2015 10:15am):
the-deadly-shadow, that airport is white. You must capture it before use.
If you put that Megatank on the city, the mech will capture that airport & build Bomber.

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