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Colin vs Kanbei (Design Map by Pika Rizard)
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Rating: 2.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Pika Rizard (09/29/2013 06:16am):
CO Banned: Javier, may be Hawke and Von Bolt too.
Pika Rizard (09/29/2013 06:17am):
Colin, with 4 Com Tower, his units will be 120/80, and he has 8000x G/day. And Kanbei with
120/120 and his fund is 12000x G/day.
Last Edited on 10/07/2013 10:09am
MorganLeah (12/18/2014 06:10pm):
First of all, colin's units' base stats are 90/100, not 80/80 (there's a reason he's
broken, he'd be a joke with 80/80 units).
Second of all Kanbei's units' base stats are 130/130, not 120/120.
Third of all this map is host to a wide variety of issues that I don't really feel like
getting into, but I can if you really want me to. The super short version: The whole map
being chokepoints is bad, not having income producing properties to fight over is bad,
ridiculous tower clump in middle is bad.
Nyvelion (12/19/2014 10:27am):
And I'd hoped Kanbei was changed to +20/+20 a long time ago.
And let's not use that starting at 100/100 nonsense that someone started a long time ago
around here and caught on. It doesn't make any sense, for defense anyway.
Last Edited on 12/19/2014 10:28am

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