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Infantry Assault!! (Design Map by Pika Rizard)
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Pika Rizard (10/09/2013 04:19am):
An upgrade version of "Lemming Hunter", which was done by crunch.
Last Edited on 10/09/2013 04:20am
Xmo6 (01/12/2015 01:47pm):
Is OS supposed to have a chance here? Is there some gimmick I'm missing that this map is
supposed to exploit?
Pika Rizard (01/22/2015 12:17am):
OS troops can win if they are lucky...
MorganLeah (03/11/2015 06:28pm):
Perfect! Nothing better than relying on nothin but a bunch of luck in a strategy game!
Nyvelion (04/30/2015 11:54am):
I like to rely on luck in strategy games.
It doesn't work very well...

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