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7v3 Attacking the Fort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Design Map by Sir_Poop)
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Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
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crunch (12/07/2013 01:06am):
Nice idea, although the trio have the advantage over the seven. The trio gets four com
towers apiece with more nearby. The trio starts with way too many airports, too; it's not
until day 4 or later that any member of the seven gets an airport.

I'd add more neutral properties; as it is now, the large expanse of plains & occasional
forest/mountains is rather bland.
KillerChair (12/07/2013 07:41am):
Add some more things like rivers, maybe a few more properties or empty silo's.
All those plains make the map look empty.
Xmo5 (12/07/2013 12:13pm):
I agree with the previous two comments, especially on the towers and neutral properties. You
really shouldn't put more than 2 towers per player in almost any scenario (there are some
specific map designs that would allow it) and my feeling is that, in a game like this, the 3 players
shouldn't have more than 1 tower over than the other team's players.

As far as neutral properties are concerned, two main reasons exist for that. First, in comparing
the two teams (not individual players), both sides should have about the same number of
airports and bases available to them once all properties are captured. Second, The funding
should be sufficient to support those properties available and, again, in comparing the two teams
the team with fewer players should make slightly less than the other team. This is because 1
player with 20k funds is much stronger than 2 players with 10k funds each; they can afford to
buy heavy units while the other players cannot. Just arrange them so there are a good number
of them, they are in a place that encourages battle, and they are more-or-less split up among
players obviously. (not so much with cities near the front line, but certainly with bases near the
players' HQs.)
Last Edited on 12/07/2013 12:14pm

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