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(5) Shaka hislop saving his shekels. Says the grinning merchant. (Design Map by blozzee3)
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blozzee3 (04/15/2014 08:44pm):
My attempt.

"The Shaka map-making challenge. You design a small free for all (ffa) map, must be
18x18 tiles. Armies 5 or 6. No more than 64 properties including hqs. Map name must have
the word Shaka in it and be published here before June 30. I judge the winner, based on
creativity, terraining, interest. "
Xmo5 (04/15/2014 09:40pm):
Red11 (04/16/2014 09:10am):
ENTRY 1 - Shaka-Shaka - BountyFrog
ENTRY 2 - Shaka-no-baka - Xmo5
ENTRY 3 - Maka Shaka Laka - BountyFrog (2)
ENTRY 4 - You Shaka Me the Wrong Way - Xmo5 (Ninja_Weasel)
ENTRY 5 - In Case of Shaka - Veritech II
ENTRY 6 - Shaka hislop saving his shekels. Says the grinning merchant. - blozzee3
Red11 (04/17/2014 08:30am):
Nice use of port ways, uniquely chaotic center.
Red11 (05/12/2014 02:15am):
First Prize, Shaka map making challenge.

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