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high lake (Design Map by the-deadly-shadow)
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Xmo6 (01/12/2015 04:30pm):
I think everyone might be a bit restricted in their team roles. For example (based on the
game settings I see) AB/YC will be the only ones that can build air units (limited to
fighter/bomber) but can't build APC/bboats or get any land units except footsoldiers out
from behind the mountains.

I think the mountains will cause other problems too- the YC/AB predeoployeds and cities
will be very hard to capture and might not even be worth it, especially in FoW.
the-deadly-shadow (01/17/2015 01:42pm):
Black boats are indeed supposed to be lab units, so AB/YC need carriers to refuel air units. By attacking the
AB\YC units the air support of one team can be damaged. I think a mech ambush on the predeployed units
might be reasonable, especially when somebody (Koal, Adder, Sami) have increased Mech movement.
However this gives the players a choice and makes determining the right strategy more dificult.

Sorry Xmo, I cheated you with my comment. I added a preowned city in those areas. I also changed the
central island (replaced a central city surrounded with plains by rivers). This would limit a strong position in the
center for the one who captured it, as vehicles can not move over the whole island.

Last Edited on 04/19/2015 02:31pm
blanci1 (03/18/2015 10:27am):
Its quite good how players roles aare restricted as they must cooperate with partners.. Makes it more of team
After 15 days or so battle is still going strong and quite interesting

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