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League of War Legends v1.6 - Editing (Design Map by InfernusMachine)
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Rating: 7.33 in 3 ratings
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InfernusMachine (07/06/2014 05:33pm):
A new map :) this one was inspired in League of Legends Map :)
As you can see is 5 vs 5 :) about the rules, since there are only 14 properties outside
the begin area i think that it is better if you use 2000 income per property :)

About the FTA, they are really far away.. but well, i tried to equilibrate :) as you can
see i made the teams: A B B A B A B A B A, i dont know if it is the best FTA solution to
this case :s

Also i changed some forests in relation to the forests in the original map to try to
increase the fun in FoW :)

Should i change something more? :)

EDIT: 20-06-2015 - I added the idea of IPS :) PipeRunners on the Towers :P
Also i added blocked port bridges :)
And i added Labs :)
I think that lab units should be: Subs (so there is no easy block of ports) and i dont know if more
units should be added

Since there is now an increment on properties maybe the income should be now 1500 and not
2000 :)
Last Edited on 06/20/2015 10:41am
blozzee (07/06/2014 08:12pm):
:D, I think you need to add more comtowers though, also please add pre deployed boats too.
Also the top corner side need shoals.
Last Edited on 07/06/2014 08:17pm
InfernusMachine (07/06/2014 08:36pm):
True, i forgot about the shoals XD now it has :)
About the comtowers, why more? :s with only three to each side the team would need
to make choices :) and thats a good thing :)
About the deployed boats... hmm... maybe its a good ideia, yes, since the map is so
big, would be good to have a couple of more choices in the beginning :)

Thank you :)
Nyvelion (07/06/2014 10:01pm):
Add Roshan
InfernusMachine (07/07/2014 07:17am):
Waaaait, I will take popcorn and then let you fight XD LOL vs Dota XD
the-deadly-shadow (08/08/2014 11:15am):
I think your fta counter could be better. It is A B B A B A B A B A according to your
pevious comment. Lets see what this means. Ok the first 4 players are right but
after that it is BABABA which is not fair as B is every time in front of A. I think when
there is an even number of player in every team it would be easy as you could
repeat ABBA again. However countering with 10 players is harder. However the
FTA is less present in maps with large distances.

InfernusMachine (08/09/2014 05:49pm):
hmm, what about ABBAABBAAB and i give a soldier to the last B?
InfernusMachine (08/09/2014 06:09pm):
Like this :) i put the soldier a bit far away to equilibrate the FTA :) since i
only got one base, i cant put one base without soldier and another with x)

Daaaammit XD i forgot to change the Landers XD i will do it when the active game is over
Last Edited on 08/13/2014 08:43am
InfernusMachine (12/31/2014 09:15am):
I think that now i have the Landers correct :) also i had some earlier action :P any opinion, be free to
tell me :)
Darth Hawke (03/03/2015 04:25pm):
"I got camped so hard top I thought it was the real thing" -Dyrus 2014
IPS (03/22/2015 12:54pm):
Add pipe runnrers at mountains representating the towers players have to destroy, would
make it even more similar to LoL.

Also the cave of Baron Nashor and Dragon should been pipes?? They are completelly
impasable in LoL. Only with Flash or with a blink/jump champion you can pass over them...
but that would representate a real problem in ballance at the point of owning an already
enemy C.Towers.
InfernusMachine (06/20/2015 10:14am):
About the towers, i like the idea :) i will add it :)

About the Pipes on the Baron and Dragon.. Its like you said.. Being mountains already gives a
way to block :) Air Units and soldiers can be the "Flash and Jump" :P

I am just leaving a note here so i remember of what to change when the game ends:
1) Adicionar unidades de combate como já foi falado lá
"I see. I may add.
Tank: Md Tank
Support: Rocket
Solo Top: Neo Tank
AD Carry: Tank
Middle: Battle Copter

What you think?

About the monsters
The Dragon and Baron, maybe i add a recon and enemy rocket? Or an
enemy battleship on the ground so it cant move?
The other monsters... I can add a couple of enemy tanks on their spots.
About the minions... Hmm... Some recons on the enemy roads?

With this, maybe its better if i add a bit more of power to the champions on
the beginning, no?" - Thanks to Duf

2) Trocar casinhas todas por fabricas
3) Equacionar melhor os aeroportos e portos
4) Colocar unidades de transporte no inicio e um soldadinho para cada um dos jogadores
5) Double factory inicial no espaço dos pipes - Thanks to Hobbit_feup
Last Edited on 11/07/2015 12:16pm
InfernusMachine (12/26/2015 03:31pm):
So i changed many things :) added a initial buff to everyone: Units on the front lines, transport
units on the base.
Increased the properties. Now, you only have to divide the labs and towers :) everything (on each
side) have the possibility of having equal properties :)

So, what you all think of this now? :D
GottaGoFast (12/28/2015 12:48pm):
What happens if a Javier player nabs all their side's towers?
InfernusMachine (12/31/2015 07:51am):
It transforms into a Super Saiyajin Javier XD.. That CO or is banned or the teams shall talk to have
at least one Javier to try and get one side of towers :)
InfernusMachine (01/01/2016 10:56pm):
Message to the future me that will edit the map after the test game ends:
Place the GE units on the same side of the YC units. And maybe divide the Jungle Units. 1 tank, 1
AA and 1 Copter on each Jungle, maybe?

Change the position of lane factories or add a mountain so its not possible to place more
Piperunners on the pipes.
Last Edited on 01/04/2016 11:16pm
liandry (07/04/2016 06:15am):
Maybe there should be an 11th player to man all the "towers" (serves as tower AI, should aim to destroy the first enemy
unit that hit an ally in range, then infs)
That player could also man the drakes and Nashor (put production facilities there), and even "respawn timers" could be
There are many new kinds of Drakes in LoL, maybe the units in the dragon pit could change:
Megatanks for Earth
Copters for Cloud
Arty/rockets for Fire
Mechs for Water
seems fine.

idk how to implement the Rift Herald buff though. Labs?

The "river" should have some land for the junglers to gank/countergank. Maybe the junglers should be weakened to
facilitate invades?

The number of neutral bases could also be decreased; not every jungle camp should be a base.

Edit: maybe add black tiles for "teleport" ganks from toplane?
Last Edited on 07/04/2016 06:25am
liandry (07/04/2016 06:15am):
Dammit I wanna make a map like this.
Maybe I should make a DotA 2 clone.
InfernusMachine (07/04/2016 06:49am):
I would need a bigger map to implement that :s i only have a bit of space outside the pipes XD

But i liked some of your ideas :) atleast the 11th player it's cool and maybe i can add him. I will see
to that :)
About the "river".. I don't know.. Maybe what i should do is delete the sea battle and make this map
only land and air. Some sea units can be given to the 11th player to make the Dragon and all :)

About the neutral bases, i left them because the map is big and it need to be a bit easier to make
units to send to the front :s.. So i think that i should leave the bases :) but the rest i might chance :P
when i have some time i will see :)

Thanks :D
InfernusMachine (07/04/2016 05:05pm):
It seems that i can't edit the map... It deleted all the units that i had before the addition of Battles and
now it doesn't save the editions below... :(

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