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Trapdoor Harbor (Design Map by Ninja_Weasel)
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Rating: 9.00 in 2 ratings
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Ninja_Weasel (08/13/2014 03:30pm):
Trapdoor Harbor is a beautiful, remote territory with a dark history. Amber Blaze has
lived peacefully in these lands for many years after overthrowing a powerful tyrant who
attempted to overpopulate and industrialize this gift of nature. The people now live simple,
quiet lives but, little do they know, disaster lies around the corner!

Those remaining loyal to the old tyrant took refuge the nearby Cobalt Ice nation and
slowly built support for their cause through propaganda, even achieving control over their
leader from behind the scenes. To the West, they secretly used Cobalt Ice's funding to
build an army nation called "Green Earth", as if to imply they were fighting for a noble
cause. Through their propaganda, they convinced the people of Cobalt Ice that this new
nation was an ally and protector as a result of a generous offer to house their HQ and a
small port in the beautiful Trapdoor Harbor.

Suddenly, Green Earth army launches an attack from the Southeast, taking advantage of some
ruins from an old military base that once belonged to the tyrant. Cobalt Ice is rallied to
the cause, believing that Amber Blaze wrongfully claims ownership over the largest and
most breathtaking parts of the territory. They follow quickly into battle to take back
what they believe is rightfully theirs.

Amber Blaze scouts notice the developments and the small army they have quickly deploys to
protect the harbor. Infantry divisions are sent to gain support among their people in the
South while a strong army and navy already begin forming in the North. Will it be enough
to protect their lands again? Only you can decide!


Okay, enough of the cheesy back story and on to the map. I was trying to go for something
more-or-less fair, but not same old same old. Hopefully I succeeded, but I'll let you guys
be the judge of that.

The idea is pretty clear- its a 2v1 setup where the large army is split between 2 land
battles and a naval battle. While one enemy gets 1-2 towers and focuses entirely on land
warfare and capturing the HQ, the second enemy races to gain funding and power in the
South to fuel a navy and land army.

Bans: Stealth (no counter). Recommended- Black Bombs, Carriers
Lab units: *all* air units
CO Bans: Broken 5, Javier, Sturm, and potentially Sasha, Lash, Kindle, Drake

CI has obvious objectives- secure both towers and either hold the line or push forward to
the HQ. 2 towers should help break the chokepoints better.

GE has a few more objectives- Secure the airport and tower through advancing on land,
secure the HQ though advancing in the water, defend/assist CI with navy or landers,
prevent enemy capture of island lab.

AB objectives are clearly the opposite- Protect airport, capture island lab, and obviously
capture enemy HQs through a combination of ground and naval attacks.

I think the key here for AB is to recognize that winning in the South is a secondary
objective. It will help them win, but it does not result in victory directly. It may be
best to turtle up on the Southern land mass while advancing with the navy and ground
forces in the North. The lab/airport combo is a huge advantage and it is meant to give a
boost to the army that succeeds in pushing the opponent back a bit. The airport is
intentionally a bit out of the way because having the only airport is very powerful. Also,
funding isn't quite equal, but the map is inherently "not equal" so I was just going to
leave as-is for now and tweak the numbers based on how test games turn out. I mean unless
someone has a convincing case for one side or the other- I didn't honestly think too hard
on it.

Now that you've read my novel (and my short story) feel free to give comments/leave
feedback! Thanks!

EDIT: 2 neutral cities in AB territory exchanged for bases. 1 AB infantry added in the
South and another slightly relocated. ... Oh, duh; threw some reefs in. Also, added a
neutral port for CI to capture so they had a bit more combat variety but I'm worried it
might make them too strong.
Last Edited on 08/18/2014 12:06pm
Madd Maxx (10/25/2014 08:58am):
Id like to see a 2vs2 version of this map with every player having a factory on both
sides, where only 2 players have labs, and only 2 players have airports.

map 10/10 . It's photogenic!
Jackie Milton (07/24/2015 09:02pm):
So much work put into not only the maps, but the comment descriptions too, but for what?
One comment and a couple games played? As go many things left unappreciated; they wither
away from reality and creep closer to the oblivion of forgotten memories, wasted efforts,
and dashed hopes. Alas! Is this the fate of all art that fails to displace the last great
victor? It falls from the mainstream onto the lifeless, but fertile topsoil. Time will
pass, and the Earth will cover that piece of the artist. Eventually it will reach the
underground: a place of mystery and rebirth. The forgotten work is discovered in this dark
place, and nurtured by a select few. They water it and feed it until it begins to grow.
Life enters the subtle masterpiece and it reaches toward the light. Breaking the surface,
the once discarded contender seeps back into reality. It found its purpose not to be
idolized and perverted by the masses, but to flower and become joy for the few who gave it
new life. Is this not, in the end, an acceptable fate?

(The "N" stands for "Necromancer")
Xmo5 (08/14/2015 02:46pm):
Dude, nobody's ever gonna read that.
Everdan (08/24/2017 03:17pm):
Consider it read :P
Nyvelion (05/24/2018 03:54pm):
I read it!

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