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Double (1 vs 3) (Design Map by Pika Rizard)
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Rating: 5.50 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Pika Rizard (12/09/2014 07:32am):
(Orange Star & Black Hole & Red Fire & Grey Sky) vs (Blue Moon & Green Earth & Yellow Comet &
Amber Blaze)
DocSpacebar (12/09/2014 12:53pm):
I like this concept.
Darth Hawke (12/09/2014 06:50pm):
I don't. It's an Air battle with very limited Naval units being involved. OS and AB cannot transport ground units to
the middle because of the pipes and are probably going to lose first because it's a 1 vs. 3 with no favors on their
side since the opposing team can just blast the pipe seams and kill the mech easily. The islands are bland and
offer nothing, even if you placed a Missile unit there in FoW. In the end, it's just going to be BM, GE, and YC vs.
RF, BH, and GS in a chokepoint fight, which is bland and gets everyone nowhere.

Placing shores and shoals might make Naval battle a bit more worthwhile, placing seams next to each other to
create less of a chokepoint is also worth mentioning.
Xmo5 (12/09/2014 07:46pm):
Also, 14 k is a LOT to give anyone to start and considering the fact that all of OS/AB's funding is
highly dependent on the three of their opponents not spamming rockets and piperunners and
bombers right away to prevent capture. Really, do the math and look at how much money one of
the "mainland players" will have to spend by like day 5 or 10. Compare that to either OS or AB and
tell me how that's fair.

Darth Hawke makes very good points too.
Meta Rexy (12/09/2014 11:03pm):
lol. I'm just gonna be Bm and spam stealths all day. :D OS can't build fighters in time to keep up :D
DocSpacebar (12/10/2014 08:51am):
Of course the whole "chokepoint heavy sky battle" is a downside. And OS/AB really don't get much time to catch up before the inevitable
bomber-flood. That's not what I was talking about.

What I like is the 4v4 idea, and the large initial properties that get captured over time. If AB and OS could feasibly survive long enough to
capture them, the whole thing becomes "trio has to rush the lone opponent before they start dominating them, lone opponent has to devise a
way to survive their rush". The concept is fresh and pretty good.

Concept Map, though. First, I'd switch AB and BM, so the lone team always goes first; that way, neither side has FTA. Then do something
about those center shenanigans. Put pipe seam entrances over land tiles on the bottom and top, rather than the sides, and leave plenty of
pipe seams to avoid excessive chokepointing. Place blocked-off Missile units (and possibly recon for Fog) covering the pipe seams to
dissuade anyone going for the entrance with air units. This'll force players to bring land units over on landers (or a WHOLE lotta Air Units) if
they want to stop those capturing Mechs. (Them being Mechs slightly lowers the viability of a Recon or Light Tank rush in the first place, not
that it matters right now.)

Then add much-needed land routes between the bases. Use ghosted ports (maybe?) as a way to get naval units between the land routes.
Add plenty of rough terrain to dissuade early Recons. Add more land on the lone army sides to grant Anti-Airs needed mobility against air
forces, as well as more hiding spots for fog on the lone team's side.

And ban Stealths, because Stealths are just ridiculous. Nobody's got time for that.
the-deadly-shadow (12/20/2014 01:59pm):
Maybe OS & BH & RF & GS vs. AB & BM & GE & YC is more fair. Also rockets are quite an way to protect the
central cities. And after all the cities can be recaptured. Maybe FFA is also fair. However it is true that around day 8
the centrall players will have recieved over 100k funding.

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