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AW2 Mission 27: Drake Dilemma (Design Map by Pika Rizard)
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Rating: 0.00 in 1 rating
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Nyvelion (12/30/2014 09:18am):
Nyvelion's "Dilenma" is whether to give this a 1 or a 0.
KrittyKat (12/30/2014 03:32pm):
mann fuck this mission so much
MorganLeah (12/30/2014 05:21pm):
Campaign maps are great... Against the cart A.I. They're completely pointless on AWBW. No human plays
remotely like the A.I., the only way BH doesn't win this is if they lose on purpose.

Also, doesn't GE have predeployed naval units in the large pond? Why did you nerf GE, they weren't screwed
enough yet?
Nyvelion (12/30/2014 05:22pm):
GE units were like screw this we want nothing to do with this map.
MorganLeah (12/30/2014 05:24pm):
Oh wait, there's no BH HQ. Instead this map is just YC roflstomping GE in one tiny corner of the map.
Pika Rizard (01/02/2015 10:41am):
now I finish it, after 5 times editing. Instead of Cannons, Black Hole has Battleships & Carriers.
Pika Rizard (01/02/2015 10:43am):
maybe I put BH HQ between 2 cannons.
MorganLeah (01/03/2015 12:56am):
Regardless, the first paragraph of my first comment still applies.
shen150 (02/12/2017 04:05pm):
A problem with the map is that it is a 2 player map, so there won`t be a 3 player.

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