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Satsui no Hado (Design Map by mori19)
Categories: A-Rank

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Mori2 (12/25/2014 10:10pm):
Contested central city lol
walkerboh01 (12/26/2014 02:26am):
The Shangri-La influence is clear. =)

But this is a pretty unique idea on its own. I really like how that contested city will draw some of
the focus away from the base trade, although you have the terrain set to make it quite difficult
for a true fight to be held in the center. I think it might be interesting if each side had more than
one realistic access route to the center (accomplished most easily by tweaking the terraining
around the bases on the 2-base side to shift unit flow a bit).

I would also strongly recommend shifting the HQ to the 2-base side (or perhaps in some central
location between the bases?), so that a base trade does not end the game. There don't seem to
be enough support options from the 2-base side to prevent the capture if an advantage on the 1-
base side is gained. And this map has tons of potential for development post-base trade.

There are too many subtleties to this map to comment on them all, so the only other thing I'll
mention is that it might be interesting to try imbalancing the funding on the fronts slightly more
(skewed to the 2-base side), and perhaps giving the tower to the 1-base side at first could result
in an interesting dynamic in the mid-game.
Last Edited on 12/26/2014 02:27am
Mori2 (01/10/2015 04:15am):
Yeah, I'll definitely do some edits after a game or two here, no question. Just curious as to how it
will play out in its current state.
Last Edited on 01/10/2015 04:15am

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