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a long way to go (Design Map by Pika Rizard)
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Rating: 2.00 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 2.50 in 2 ratings
KrittyKat (01/20/2015 04:15pm):
... to this map being good.
Satan (01/20/2015 04:38pm):
MorganLeah (01/20/2015 05:04pm):
So my first question when I look at this map is, is it supposed to be FFA, or are there
teams? If FFA it's basically an irredeemable mess, OS and BM would stand no chance against
GE and YC and their massive amounts of territory and income access. If it's teams, it had
better be OS+GE/YC, and BM+YC/GE, but even so OS and BM will still be essentially
pointless presences on the map.

Moving on from those matters, the rest of the map is just a combination of horrific choke
points, city clumps, and weirdly scattered production facilities. This map would need many
major alterations before it would be a fun, balanced experience for all of the players.
Last Edited on 01/20/2015 05:04pm

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