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Agitated Tanks (Design Map by Xmo6)
Categories: A-Rank, Team Play

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Xmo5 (02/19/2015 11:27am):
GE+TG vs YC+AB. Pipe seams and artillery are near forward neutral bases so that delayed
access doesn't make rushing a viable option, but landing parties don't have to build
artillery to break out. The other pipes are to restrict access to the airports so that
YC/GE can't access them unless their teammate donates the airport. Only fair considering
AB/TG can't access the other airport at all (unless they capture their own first).
Pipes/seam also serve to direct air unit deployment towards the center a bit.

The map is a bit city heavy, but I wanted to make sure that both players had enough
funding to support around 2.5 bases and an airport Along with the brokens I would also be
sure to ban Sami and Max on this map due to transport movement and low artillery range
respectively. I mean, you can play as Max, but it won't be too fun. Javier can be
dangerous if his teammate donates their tower, but it would be a bit out of his way to go
capture it.

Anyway, this is just an idea I ran with and I'm not sure how it will play out so I'll have
to test it after I get some feedback. On that note let me know what you think and feel
free to point out any symmetry errors etc. Thanks!
BamboozleIV (02/20/2015 12:13am):
Center looks a bit terrain heavy, I'd imagine Lash or Kindle would abuse that pair of central cities fairly well. Apart
from that this looks hella cool.
Xmo6 (02/20/2015 11:57am):
Thanks! I played around with the center a bit and made those cites slightly less abuseable.
Ended up taking out 1 city per side, but each team should still have somewhere around 42k to
split. Still a bit terrain heavy, but I think I'll probably want to play-test before making too many drastic changes.

EDIT: Okay, I lied. I made quite a few changes and I think it came out a lot better. Aesthetics are
about the same in my mind, but gameplay should be much better with these updates.
Last Edited on 02/20/2015 10:25pm
Xmo5 (06/13/2016 09:02am):
As a reminder to self, thanks to liandry's good eyes, I missed cities at (5,3) and (5, 9).
If I ever figure out what my password is for this account, I'll log in and change it. Oy...
Xmo5 (06/06/2017 10:59am):
Okay, I finally gave up on trying to log into this account. Not sure if I'm just stupid
and can't remember my password or if the fact that special characters don't work on the
site anymore is preventing my login from working, even with the right password. Anyway,
the moral of the story is that this map is obsolete now and has been replaced by the new
and improved Agitated Tanks* on my normal Xmo5 account so that I could both fix the city
issue and to give me the ability to make more edits based on gameplay analysis.

Sweet link drop is sweet:


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