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Western Shootout (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
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Rating: 5.63 in 8 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Nyvelion (02/21/2015 07:14pm):

Last Edited on 06/23/2016 04:27pm
Xmo5 (02/22/2015 11:15am):
I hate to be agreeable with someone who's name has the same first syllable as my name in a
way that results in me being critical of a map made by a person who's name also has the same
first syllable as mine, but she's right.
Xmo5 (02/22/2015 11:16am):
*Disclaimer... the first syllable isn't really the same, but its pretty close, so cut me some slack in
the name of poetic license.
the-deadly-shadow (02/23/2015 08:34am):
I do not get it. OS will block the BM base on day 1.
Everdan (02/23/2015 08:48am):
Well, no, OS can't actually do that. But OS will indeed get the only neutral city on the map...

Also, Kindle and Lash clearly aren't overpowered enough here.
walkerboh01 (02/23/2015 12:48pm):
Day 1: OS puts their APC on BM's base.

IPS (02/24/2015 12:26pm):
geegee base block day 1
Nyvelion (02/24/2015 01:01pm):

Last Edited on 06/23/2016 04:27pm
Xmo5 (02/24/2015 05:08pm):
I find it a bit presumptuous to blindly assert that this person's name is Jacqueline,
though the lesser part I'll stand behind. Consider the following:

It's possible Jackie is Jackie's full name
or they spell it like "Jaclyn" (it's just not the same)
But honestly though, what if Jackie's a man?
You must know of Robinson; if not maybe Chan
Plus there's always the chance that Jackie's a fraud
And xe's really an equally ambiguous Claude

Last Edited on 02/24/2015 05:09pm
Nyvelion (02/24/2015 05:25pm):

Last Edited on 11/02/2016 04:53pm
Nyvelion (02/24/2015 05:26pm):

Last Edited on 11/02/2016 04:53pm
Xmo5 (02/24/2015 05:43pm):
Haha thanks! I just happen to notice that "man" and "Chan" rhymed and I ran with it. On
the keyboard. Like, with my fingers.

Also, in total agreement on the Jaclyn/Jacqueline thing and I actually had this argument
with my wife not too long ago since she feels the opposite on account of her cousin,
Jaclyn. I didn't even realize that was a valid (and apparently relatively common) spelling
of the name until I found out that was how her cousin spelled it. Of course, no good
argument doesn't end in Wikipedia, so here's a bit of vindication for you and your name:


After gazing at the horror of all the ridiculous spellings of the name in the introductory
paragraph, browse the list of "notable people" and see that, while you may not appear on
the list, the parents of most of those who did make the list would agree with you on the

And that's all we have time for on today's episode of "Way More Than You Ever Wanted to
Know!" See you next week for the thrilling two-part episode on why I'm still playing
Cookie Clicker!

Jackie Milton (02/24/2015 11:40pm):
Alright, alright. jeez'o'petes. This is really funny. But first, about the map. Yeah, it's
bad, but it was my first work for a friend and myself. I didn't expect any feedback so
soon, or at all really. Anyway, for what it's worth, thanks for the comments.
On a side note, I spell it Jacqueline.
But that's only if you're making fun of me, otherwise, it's Jackie, Jack, The Divine
Crusader, or Why Can't You Be More Like Thom Wilson.
P.S. Don't call me "lesser", or even Lester for that matter, I fix it. Jeesh
Last Edited on 02/24/2015 11:45pm
Jackie Milton (02/25/2015 12:16am):
K. I made a change or two. This time I thought it through a little more. That being said,
it's probably not much better, but now it's closer to a "western shootout" theme. That's
got to be worth something, eh?

(The "A" stands for "cut me some slAck")
Xmo5 (02/25/2015 12:32am):
Ahaha yes! I am beyond content with the saucy comment debut! (In a good way) Looks like Nyv scored some
points by getting the spelling right though. And nothing personal about the lesser, Nyv's been around a while
and you've got a bit of a name to live up to. Also, who's Thom Wilson? Never heard of him. The only Thom I
know of is Thom Yorke.

Ahem, sorry. Please hold for a minute as I regain my Map Committee composure.

Hi Jackie and welcome to the site! There's a lot to learn about making maps on AWBW and a great place to
start is with the Into to Map Making guide below. This is honestly a great resource if you plan to make maps on
the site and it's how I got my start.


Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions or need help with just about anything! Also, anybody
with map comments in blue (like me) is also on the Map Committee and they're more than willing to help as
well. Not that they're the only ones, but they're easy to recognize. :)
walkerboh01 (02/25/2015 12:38am):
Look, it can't be the old West, they don't even have cowboy hats or horses. And where is
the tumbleweed? This map has some SERIOUS issues.
MorganLeah (02/25/2015 02:44am):
Well the real issue is all this water. The old west definitely doesn't have water like that.
Nyvelion (02/25/2015 11:49am):

Last Edited on 06/23/2016 04:28pm
Jackie Milton (02/25/2015 04:49pm):
Aww, I don't need a sympathy rating. If it's bad, it's bad. My next one will be good
though, or at least better.

(The "D" stands for "Duncan is my actual name")
Nyvelion (02/25/2015 05:26pm):

Last Edited on 06/23/2016 04:28pm
Rush_FTK (02/26/2015 05:47am):
It just a art,it's not a playable map.
Nyvelion (08/10/2016 09:33am):

Last Edited on 11/02/2016 04:53pm
Xmo5 (08/10/2016 02:10pm):
If a map isn't designed to be played, does it make a sound when it falls?
Nyvelion (08/10/2016 03:32pm):

Last Edited on 11/02/2016 04:53pm
Xmo5 (08/11/2016 03:03pm):
I can't say I've ever dropped a map that wasn't intended for play, but you've made it
sound a lot more satisfying than I imagined. I'll have to give it a shot sometime.
Xmo5 (12/20/2016 04:17pm):
Nyv's comments may be removed, but I still love reading through this in the context of how
everything actually played out. This is one of my rare moments of being legitimately
insulting on the site (standing behind the "lesser Jackie" thing), yet somehow, despite my
first impression, Jackie is the only person from this site that I've texted*, voice
chatted, and exchanged mail with.** That actually worked out pretty well. Maybe I should
consider being more rude. :P

* Technically I did text Mori once in a site emergency type situation.
** This excludes people I knew in real life prior to making their accounts. My sister,
cousin, and at least one friend of mine from college have made and used accounts at one
point or another. I would say Jackie's the only person I've exchanged mail written in
Dwarf Runes with, but my sister has that one covered too.
Jackie Milton (03/16/2017 02:16pm):
Not to mention our sharing of Ethiopian cuisine just outside the famous* Jumbo Slice pizza. I will
always be thankful for the day I was playing Star Wars Galaxies and thought to myself "I bet there's
online Advance Wars." Not only this map, but others have brought me true friendship and emotion as
genuine as one would experience face-to-face. It's often things like this that challenge my disbelief in a
higher power - unlikely coincidence. Who would I be if my dad hadn't collected 400 GBA ROMs for
Visualboy Advance for me to grow up with? If he hadn't picked up Star Wars Galaxies at a garage
sale? If he never played REM's Out of Time through the speakers in his garage? If my friend Austin
never introduced me to metal? If my parents didn't suggest I reconsider joining Scouts? I think you
would find a very different person with very different friends. Of course, the possibilities of the cultures
and I've been exposed to could have been equally fruitful, I find myself very fortunate to be where I am
with the friends I have.

-J.C.M. (The "C" stands for "Claude")
Last Edited on 12/11/2017 02:19pm
BlueLink9001 (04/06/2018 03:50pm):
The Best Map. It cannot be bested.

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