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floating realm two (Design Map by toutfour)
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay, Teleport Tile

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Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
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toutfour (03/05/2015 09:00am):
Basic idea: simple, easily defended corner for HQ, while all real expansion happens in the middle where no one has
a clear slice of the pie
DASRTwelve (03/08/2015 08:41pm):
The black tiles are teleport tiles, so OS' infantry can move from the mountain all the way
to YC's mountain in 1 move becuase black tiles have 0 movement. Is that the point of this map?
a9977321 (08/23/2017 07:39am):
Surely it is, or it can not explain why the centre area is asymetrical.

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