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Civil War Expansion Pack (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
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Jackie Milton (03/07/2015 12:32am):
Map #3

"You have discovered a crudely drawn map"

This is my first attempt at a historically accurate map. This was a blemish in American
history; the nation was broken apart, and those pieces were broken into even smaller ones.
In the East, Abe Lincoln and his Union troops advance towards General Lee's Confederate
army. Early on in the war, turmoil struck when the American West could move no further
west and began to expand back East. Led by General Vance Naegher, the Western army claimed
West Virginia. After many months of battle, the East pushed the West back across the
Mississippi and the nation was torn yet again across many fronts. Almost immediately, the
Confederate Southwest seceded from the Union Northwest thus fighting both South-Northwest
and South-Southeast. All the While, the Northeast troops were divided among the
North-Southeast, West-Northwest, and the Northeast-Southwest. The border states became a
nasty battleground on every front. Fortunately, these battles ended in 1865.

Two infantry to counter FTA and 3TA for BD and GS

Later I may add more pre-deployment as a factor to maintain accuracy. The Union had
roughly twice as many troops as the confederates, and as we all know, the west had a heavy
supply of artillery.

Unit Bans: Everything except infantry, mechs, recon(cavalry), Artillery, Battleships, and Subs

(The "B" stands for "Battle with the Sunrise, March toward the Sunset"- A famous Eastern
army saying)
walkerboh01 (03/07/2015 01:22am):
Fact: the Mississippi has never been bridged.
Jackie Milton (03/07/2015 11:38am):
Yes. And I don't think it will ever. The invasive carp provide too much of a danger to
bridge builders.

(The "I" is for "Is planning to become an archaeologist")
the-deadly-shadow (03/08/2015 02:19pm):
I think there is something wrong with your geograpical representation, as big ships can travel from seatle to
california. The seas are to chockey for real naval warfare.
the-deadly-shadow (03/08/2015 02:19pm):
I think there is something wrong with your geograpical representation, as big ships can travel from seatle to
california. The seas are to chockey for real naval warfare.
Jackie Milton (03/08/2015 02:44pm):
True. But I think that just goes to show that when the West divided north-south, the sides
had to split the naval force which consisted of a dinghy and three canoes.

(The "V" stands for "Vance Naegher was a great man")
IPS (03/24/2015 12:38pm):
Ehm it has no roads, making anoying the usage of recons and rockets, just add smart where
you are going to place the few roads, we also would not like seing rockets firing us from
the other side of the river XD

YC port is totally useless for B.Ship :c. Also this would been even cooler if played on
Advance Wars Days of Ruins with these Bikes and the nerfed and more expensive infantries.

Edit: Oh nvm, I didn't read before the ban units lol
Last Edited on 03/24/2015 12:42pm
Nyvelion (03/24/2015 01:44pm):
I'm having trouble finding information on this "General Vance Naegher".
Dv (03/24/2015 02:33pm):
i have been waiting on this map
Jackie Milton (03/24/2015 08:55pm):
Ah yes, the roads. Well, as we all know, railroads were an important factor in the civil
war. It's no wonder that the West demolished them all. Right at the beginning, the
East-West front ran right down the middle of Virginia. So, to ensure a lengthy and
difficult assault, the West destroyed their railroads as the mobilized East. What a
tragedy it was for them fighting battles backwards as the East pushed further and further
West. The original Trail of Tears became the River of Tears for the entirety of Spring 1861.

As far as the Northwest Navy (Who were adamantly against veganism) goes -despite their
small size- bombarded California to the point in which the San Andreas Fault was created
for they found no reason to take the Southwest by sea.

(The "N" stands for "Nyvelion, watch this:

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