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+3 Broadsword (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
Categories: Casual Play

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Jackie Milton (03/27/2015 04:27pm):
Here is #2 in a series of Black Metal themed maps. As usual, for max desolation, must be
played FoW and rain (Drake is now aroused). This map should have higher funds 2000-3000
range for brutal sea battles.

Current considerations: cities on HQ islands changed to 1 base and 1 neutral city. In
addition I will add one predeployed lander or black boat near each team.

Unit Bans: nah. I feel this map will favor indirect units, but where's the fun in banning

CO Bans: B34L, and Sensei, for now. Drake isn't necessarily ban worthy (until PTs prove
otherwise) because this map has his name written all over it. Maybe I'm just too
sympathetic. Hmm, that's not really a Black Metal thing to say. Oh, to hell with it, all
COs are banned except Adder because he is far more Black Metal than any of the rest.

I am open to suggestion.

(The "N" stands for "Nothing is fvnny")
Xmo5 (03/27/2015 09:17pm):
It's like a much better version of this map:


(Don't take notes from this guy)

The fund increase you suggest will encourage sea battles, but I highly highly recommend giving
players no more than the HQ and a base (2 really) to start. 2-3k x 6 is a *lot* to start with and you'll
never see infantry after that other base is captured. On that note, giving each player only a single
starting base adds quite a bit to FTA (or STA in this case due to the counter), especially with only
one important target (the neutral base). I don't see too obvious of a way around this except maybe
giving GS the infantry in a location that doesn't let them get the base first, but lets them capture the
port or something first. Could be important if you make the cities on the HQ island neutral as I

Other than that, not too bad, especially considering it's a playable sprite map.
Jackie Milton (03/27/2015 09:53pm):
Oke Doke. As you can see, I changed quite a bit in regards to property ownership. I'm not
sure this is the best way to fix the problem (I have another idea or two in mind), but it
solves the issue of super high starting funds. I do believe I should toss in a black boat
for each side, but only time will tell. I chose the new location of the GS infantry that
offsets the unit a turn before it can reach the right neutral base but still has the
advantage of capturing close neutral properties a turn ahead of BH (Oh shoot, you
literally just said that in your comment, didn't you...(Sorry, I just grazed your comment))

Having second thoughts with this comment, I am debating whether or not to change the HQ
base to a neutral city. hmmm.... not much point of having a silly little base in the
middle of nowhere that one has to go out of his/her way to transport troops to and fro.
(Maybe a new joke map idea? Or am I late to the party?)

In regards to grizly-sword's map, his is bad mainly because it doesn't reference some form
of extreme metal. That's about it really.

(The "V.V." stands for "Uarg Uikernes")

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