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Mount Depression (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
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Jackie Milton (03/23/2015 06:19pm):
Here is a Mount Depression version two. Still technically first in the line of Black Metal
themed maps, but now with a few changes.

Because I changed the size to 21x21, Mt. Dep. now has a peak (how horrible...) which is
the comm tower in the center. I then spread the HQs further away from each other to
prevent a monopoly in the center. Other than that, I turned all cites neutral to prevent
early recons. The terrain has also changed a bit since the last time.

Like before, must be played in FoW with rain for maximum broodiness. CO bans are the B54L
and Sturm and Lash. For now. By which, I mean until you point out my blatant overlooking
of obvious things.

(The "B" is for "'Black Metal is superior music.' 'It's not' 'Well, it's still music'
'No. It isn't' 'Noise is music.' 'Not really.' 'Okay...'")

the-deadly-shadow (03/24/2015 04:31am):
I think OS has better capture options in the early rounds than GE. Also the road are good for OS recons, especially
in rain (tanks also benefit). This gives them an advantage over both GE and YC.
Last Edited on 03/24/2015 04:34am
Jackie Milton (03/24/2015 06:22am):
I reduced roads on OS's corner as well as the north side of the map. I also made the
properties a little more sparse and closer to teams with few roads (GE and YC). Let me
know if the balance needs to be mitigated more thorughly. I think giving each team an
advantage will create a better balance. (OS: FTA BM:Roads GE:Better access to their missle +
1infantry YC: Better access to prperties +1 infantry) Let me know what you guys think.
(The "R" is for "REM is Black Metal. No. Seriously, Let me explain")
Last Edited on 03/24/2015 06:24am

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