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Painferno (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
Categories: A-Rank, FFA Multiplay

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Rating: 7.50 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Jackie Milton (05/17/2015 12:39am):
Here is the 3rd in my series of Black Metal themed maps. As usual, rain and fog preferred
for absolute frostbitten, agonizing solitude. Or Something.

Anyway... This map is designed for FFA, but may also work 2v2. Bases are situated at a
distance so combat can initiate fairly quickly and nations have several options of capture
strategy. I suspect indirects will be favored in this map, but I have attempted to
mitigate chokepoints by providing multiple reach-around routes; one if by land two if by
sea (amirite guys?)... *ahem* speaking of chokiness, the seas are tight. I don't expect
full-fledged naval combat (Funds being a contributing factor), but there should be some
skirmishes in the high seas.

The ports are ghosted to allow access to landers and black boats. I guess you could
squeeze a BShip in there or a cruiser if you really wanted. They also act as contestable
properties among adjacent fronts.

Extra Game Rules
CO Bans: The Big Nasty 5, Sturm, Lash, maybe Kindle
Unit Bans: Carrier, B-bomb. Stealth, if you want.
Lab Units: Air Units

I'm concerned about my FTA counter. I'd love some tips on that for this map. I appreciate
any criticisms. Thanks!

(The "2" stands for "2trve4u")
Last Edited on 05/18/2015 03:15pm
the-deadly-shadow (05/17/2015 09:22am):
Your map look great. I think this map is short on funds when funds are at 1000. Every
player gets only 15k funds.

I guess the nasty 5 are the Von Bolt guard, including Von Bolt. I think Adder is also a
nasty personality.
Bamboozle (05/17/2015 04:32pm):
This does indeed look really cool. I do think that it's still choky in places but the
reach-around routes you described might mitigate that, as well as lander/bboat
usage. Nice work.
Jackie Milton (05/17/2015 06:26pm):
Thank you, guys.
Shadow: I was considering funds when I made the map, and I know funding is short for high
tech units in a lengthy battle. I could add a few more cities or maybe even 4 more
neutral, ghosted ports; but is cluttered the way it is right now. An alternative option
would to encourage 1.5k funding and maybe remove a couple 4 cities. Thoughts? Also, Adder
will never be banned in any of my Black Metal themed maps; he is too trve to ban :P

Bamboozle: It is choky, and it's tight. I don't see it mattering too much for naval
combat, but land combat around the center will be artillery-ridden. I could add some more
coast. What are your suggestions?

(The "3" stands for "3trve5me")
Xmo5 (05/18/2015 08:44am):
I agree with all the previous feedback; map looks great, though funding is probably a low
and I think it might be a bit too chokey.

At 15k, I doubt you'll see any battleships, especially with air units being available, and
even sea transports will be sparse. 1.5k (22.5k per player) might be better for this
because it leaves enough to make bboats more commonplace and the door is opened to subs
(especially in FoW), giving cruisers a purpose as well. I doubt you'll see much naval
conflict, but you'll probably see a skirmish here or there because controlling the sea
opens the door to battleships which could be huge on this map. For exactly that reason I
wouldn't make the funding too high. Battleships need to be limited because they have a lot
of potential here.

Another thing to watch out for is sub-blocking the port bridges- this can get nasty when
funds are high enough and it makes it easy to perch a pretty battleship right in the middle.

Anyway, nicely done! Keep up the good work!
Bradley Milton (05/18/2015 10:22am):
It is trash
Nyvelion (05/18/2015 11:10am):
I don't have any constructive comment for the map.. just looks good..
but I like that word, "Painferno", 10/10 just for name. I think I need to use that... I
think I know what it feels like to be going through a painferno.
Last Edited on 05/18/2015 11:11am
Xmo5 (05/18/2015 11:43am):
I have to admit, I was a fan of the name myself.... Also, do I sense a little sibling rivalry?
Jackie Milton (05/18/2015 03:09pm):
The world of Black Metal is an interesting one. Fascinating to read about even if you hate
the music. I don't, but I'm weird soo.... yeah anyway, I get my map names from actual
bands that I find on metal-archives.com, a wonderful website worthy of a check-out.

I'm going to mitigate the land-corner chokiness and prevent subs/Bships from entering the
center with the ol' "two posers with one sword."

Is this good progress since my previous maps?
(The "P" stands for "uP yours, bradley")
Last Edited on 05/18/2015 03:14pm
Just Look at My OPness (05/18/2015 05:51pm):
The map gave me some sort of weird optical illusion and I think I may have passed out, because I could have sworn it was about 4:50 I last checked but the clock says 5:51...
Nyvelion (05/18/2015 08:49pm):
That's just the time change, it happens at 4:50 in some places. In the middle of May.
walkerboh01 (05/18/2015 10:01pm):
One time I passed out and it felt like I had been out for 5 hours. But my clock said only 4 hours
had passed. Spoooooooooky.
Xmo5 (05/18/2015 10:44pm):
Spooky timey wimey stuff aside, yes this is a great improvement :)
Bradley Milton (05/19/2015 10:21am):
On a serious note, another fantastic map, brother.

As a novice in Advance Wars, I cannot comment much on the gameplay, but I do the symmetry is oddly
satisfying. I feel like the terrain will give this map a certain tactical flow that will not be found elsewhere.

(The "U' stands for "Play your tUrn, Jackie")

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